Friday, July 26, 2013

Phase 2 - Week 2 ~ DO OVER

Since I'm going to be spending some extra time in Phase 2 anyway I figured I could get away with sacrificing this week because everything just got to be too much.  I photographed a gorgeous wedding last weekend along with an engagment session, couple that with The Attack of the Killer Uterus and my full time job being a gong show, I am tapped. 

Like a keg after a frat/sorority party........just blowing foam. 

I took out alot of my starchy carbs for this week because eating them and not using my muscles would just make me fat and well, Jamaica is in 18 days. lol  I'm not sure what this will do to my progress but whatever. In the third week of this phase we start to calorie count and do higher and lower calorie food days before we start carb cycling in Phase 3.   I'm not going to switch to that until I get back from holiday so I can continue building muscle.  And well not have to think so much about what I'm doing. lol

Friday, July 19, 2013

LiveFit Phase 2 Week1 ~ CAAARRRDDDIIIOOOO and girly muscles

NEVER have I been more happy to see the word cardio before. Ever. Infinity.  After 4 weeks of basically carb loading I was starting to feel pressurized.  Though the muscle gains were welcomed the constant full feeling was not.  That being said, it was required for 4 weeks to not do cardio. I can now see why people were having daily freakouts when this program first came out.  It's a daunting task to eat all that food, lift all that weight and stay away from anything related to cardio. 

This week felt MUCH different and the only changes were the cardio and no starchy carbs for dinner. What a DIFFERENCE!  No pressurization, midsection is starting to tighten up, yet I'm still making gains. Happy, happy, happy!

So since Phase 2 ends close to my trip to Jamaica I'm going to continue for a bit in phase 2 and move on to Phase 3 when i get back. Phase 3 starts the serious leaning out process with carb cycling which would be too hard to keep up with while on holiday.  The good part about staying on Phase 2 for a while longer is the extra muscle I'll gain, definitely not complaining there. :)

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Living Fit - Week 2

Week 2 is in the bag and we're on to week three. I will admit my diet blew over the weekend but I'm lucky I'm in the building phase. Some extra carbs never hurt anyone trying to gain muscle, right? lol 

My body this past week really embraced the extra food as I figured it would. Now it's saying "FEEED MEEE" instead of "There's no room at the inn." I'm still feeling fluffy which I expect I will for a bit so during my Jamaica trip in 6 weeks I'll have to embrace the fluff. ;)  It's giggly muscle fluff but it's still fluff. Whatever it's my body and I'm feeling really good about the progress I'm making.

So, on to week three of 4 in this first phase, not much is changing right now except for an added leg day, yay! lol  I'm really impressed with the changes I've seen just in the last 2 weeks. It's amazing what simply eating more and simple lifting can do for the body. Over all VERY happy thus far and will obviously continue. I'll be bringing all the info I need to Jamaica with me because I still like to workout while on holidays.  Hubby and I usually have the schedule of eating breakfast then we head back to the room, get our gym stuff on and hit the resort gym. I have the most energy at around 10am but every other day of the week I'm sitting at a desk. Like I am right now. lol  So to me being able to workout when I feel the best is like a holiday. :)

Has anyone else started the program yet, or maybe completed the program?