Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Weighted Wagon

The phrase "On the wagon" actually originated in the late 1800s and was used to represent those who chose a sober life. The wagon was actually a water cart and it meant that people would rather climb it to quench their thirst than drown themselves in a bottle. Nowadays it's used in all sorts of variations and one in particular is the wagon of living healthy.  Today's wagon however seems to cause alot of stress in people's lives and we're constantly jumping off for that sweet treat or burger then spending the rest of the day sitting in the middle of the road feeling sorry for ourselves.  

Screw the wagon, I'm walking. 

I can happily say that I have picked my sorry ass up off that dirt road and started walking in the right direction. I have no intention of catching up with that wagon because it don't find it comfortable to ride.  Balance is an extremely hard thing to find in life and to me, constantly trying to keep up to someone else's wagon doesn't seem like the right way to go about finding it.

Stop chasing the wagon and start walking your own path, whereever it may take you.  The road blocks you may come across are ALOT easier to walk around than to drive around on that silly wagon. :)