Monday, February 27, 2012

Mind Tricks

20 days until comp day. 13 days until I start my peak week.  I am currently spending WAY more time than a person should on Pintrest drooling over the food porn however, I have a feeling it's still way less than others. This past weekend was the worst fight I've had with my Carb Zombie brain in a while.  My measurements and weight were all up slightly after Saturday's assessment and being an emotional eater it took everything I had left not to dive into something, anything, resembling anything other than what was on my diet plan.  I did however come up with a super fun concoction yesterday. I combined my afternoon/evening protein shake with my evening cottage cheese ration, a little water, some splenda, froze it and gobbled it like I would any ice cream.  Flavor of choice: Allmax Iso Flex Chocolate Mint.  It completely curbed the Carb Zombie and completely made me happy.  Another option is to add almond milk instead of water which will have to try sometime. I wouldn't mind perfecting the recipe as an alternative to ice cream for off season. I may have to also do some testing with the frozen banana "ice cream" as well post comp. (frozen bananas + blender = YUM)

Anywho, I'm trying hard to stay focused in these last few weeks. I've decided to take the full week off before the competition since the water load had that lovely cleansing effect and I think it's best I spend most of my time in my own bathroom as opposed to the one at work. It's not good for productivity that's for sure.  Next week I think it's time to start thinking seriously about post competition eating though I know my trainer will help me with this. Last year I thought I had done ok, and to some degree I did but I'd rather not gain 10-15lbs again. While I have a laundry list of food I'd like to consume I know it's just the Carb Zombie talking. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

(Don't) Let Them Eat (Cup) Cake(s)

Who knew something so small as a cupcake could have such power over the brain? Ok, well everyone knows I suppose. 

Like most offices we celebrate co-worker's birthdays with the usual confections; cake, cupcake, cheesecake, etc etc.  Today happens to be a co-worker's birthday and guess what is sitting in our lunch room??? Those cute little cupcakes from Safeway that sit behind the glass, because they're too fabulous to be in a generic box, waiting for someone to take them home. 

Cue the sheer white knuckle panic attack.

It took 3 friends and my husband to talk me down from the ledge today after which I sped off to Starbucks for an Americano with SF vanilla syrup.  I just may need to buy stock in Crest White Strips after this prep so I can make back a little money on having to brighten up my smile. 

With my Carb Zombie in full effect today I shall only be going back in to our lunch room to fetch the groceries I have placed in our fridge at the end of the day. Oh and to get things off of the printers, but that's IT! 

Carb Zombie: 0
Me: 1

Monday, February 13, 2012

Crunch Time

I am in it, that's for sure. lol  4 weeks, 5 days until show day but techinically only 4 weeks to really make any kind of last ditch effort to make changes.  I've been having some bloating issues as of late but I have added some probiotics to the mix in hopes of helping my digestion.  "Things" have slowed down again which could be the main cause for the bloating and no amount of prunes is going to save me.  It may be time for a shot of my natural psyllium fiber tonight as an extra "GTFO" measure. ;) 

Lately it's been hard to get my head right craving wise.  Not only because of dieting but it seems the older I get, the worse my PMS symptoms get, and the crankier I get for a full 7 days a month.  And this is before Aunt Flow even shows up! It's like a week long pre-gamer for the worst party ever.  However I have initiated operation "Suck It The F*** Up" this week and shall tell myself that whenever I start to whine about something. 


I'm starting to think more about post competition, what will happen IF I place, will I do Provincials in June, and if I don't place how I'm going to cope with not eating broccoli and fish every day. lol I am SO looking forward to going back to eating like a normal fit person.  Of course I have some cheats I'd like to get out of the way but a nice bowl of greek yogurt and raspberries is still pretty high on the list.  I miss my protein pancakes for breakfast, I miss fruit, but this is what we let go of for a short time to get ripped and walk around in a bikini on stage right?  It's all going to taste even better with an overly busty resin trophy beside me too. ;)