Friday, December 30, 2011

1 month update!

WOW! I sure didn't mean for it to be one month but here I am, one month from the beginning of my contest preparation.  First off let's start with some pictures. On the left was taken at the end of October and on the right was December 24th.  I really can't believe I've shrunk down so fast!

I guess that's what happens when you stick to the plan and have a fantastic trainer!!  Starting in mid December I've been carb cycling which has changed the look of my body incredibly. It's a process that has made my body quite happy and has attributed to alot of the change I think.  The only trouble I've been having is with my knees. They're not taking to all of the work very kindly but adding some Glucosamine back in to the regimine should hopefully help them out.

We are now 11 weeks out from competition. My fantastic suit will be on it's way soon, stay tuned for a sneak peak of that!  I am definitely excited for the things to come in 2012!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Travelling Band

This weekend and next week I'm travelling which scares the heck out of me. I'm feeling almost frantic trying to get the details of menus and gyms all squared up before I go but so far I think I have everything under control. 

This weekend I am heading to another province, 6 hours away by car, to my company's Christmas party.  Crazy? Yes. Fun? Also yes. :) We leave Friday and come back on Sunday. Monday I leave for ANOTHER province, Quebec, for work related activities. This is the trip that scares me the most simply because I don't know what food I can bring on the plane.  I'm going to bring my protein powder of course because life does not exist without protein powder. lol  I'm thinking of bringing quick oats and using the coffee maker to make oatmeal which means then I NEED cinnamon.  Lack of cinnamon is also a life or death situation by the way. For the rest of it I guess we'll see. I've already asked for the name of the restaurant we're eating at on Tuesday night and I've looked at the menu. VERY good menu to navigate so I shouldn't have any issues there. I think I'll save my carbs for dinner so I can have a baked potato!

As for gym access I have everything planned out.  For this weekend there is a gym right across the parking lot from my hotel (the hotel gym, as usual, sucks) and they have day passes.  For Montreal they offer complimentary access to a wellness center across the highway because they know their onsite equipment isn't adequate. (2 treadmills and some handweights??)  I may or may not be able to get Tuesday's workout in however I have all day wednesday to catch up and I will just follow the schedule into the weekend.

While I know people are probably thinking I'm crazy for being slightly panicked about all of this but I know there are some of you who totally understand.  I NEED to be prepared, WELL in advance.  It makes me feel more at ease travelling since I'm slightly OCD when it comes to details. lol  However there's one detail being left out of next week's trip: Lunch. I have NO idea what our options are and there is no info.  As long as I can find a salad I'm good.  Hmmmm, maybe I should pack dressing and a can of tuna too.......

Friday, November 25, 2011

If I Had An Infomercial.......

With so many gimmicks and surgeries to help or pretend to help aid in weight and fat loss I finally cracked after reading about an aquaintance doing a shake diet. Seriously? You're excited your overly sugared shake tastes like rootbeer? Well probably but is this really a permanent fix? Me thinks not.  So after thinking for a moment I decided that if I had an infomercial it would go something like this:

We have finally found THE perfect fat loss program!!!! It's a 2 step process that will guarantee you the body you have always wanted. Step number 1 is called THE GYM where you lift weights, heavy ones, and get cardiovascular exercise. Step 2 is called THE KITCHEN where you cook clean food all by yourself. Join THE GYM and THE KITCHEN today and we'll give you MUSCLE as a free gift! Thousands of people have transformed their lives with this program and you can too!

Seriously people. Pick up a weight! What do you have to lose except....fat!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It's Getting Hot In The Kitchen!

Yesterday I sparked a heated discussion that stemmed from a story I shared which came from my boss and really good friend who is in Mexico currently on holiday. (so jealous)  Like me he enjoys going to the gym on vacation since it's a part of his every day routine and just because he's on holiday, doesn't mean he's not going to continue on with his routine. Anyway, while in the gym this very large man and his large wife poked their heads in to the gym (the reason is still unclear) took a look around and the man proceeded to say "Look at all these people waisting their vacation!  I wonder why they would spend all this money to be in the gym?!" Without skipping a beat my boss says a young girl piped up and said "So we don't look like you, you fat pig. Now get out so we can do our work!"

Obviously her response is on the rude side, I know this, however it should be expected that someone would get offended from him saying what he did.  After sharing the story I confessed that I wanted to high five the chick because you never hear about what we as fit people have to go through while living our lifestyle. My exact words were "you always hear about the ridicule over weight people receive but you never hear about the ridicule we receive".  My question is now, was I right in saying that? I don't need to be right but is it a fact that we as healthy eaters, 5am workouters, "No I can go for dinner"refusers, receive a decent amount of "flack" for the way we live our life?? I for one think so.  Should it be compared to the unfortunate bullying that over weight people receive, I'm not sure but this is what I'm attempting to do I suppose. 

I would LOVE to hear from those of you who have been on both ends of the spectrum since I haven't.  Those who have been an over weight person, lost the weight, and are now living the fit lifestyle. Do you receive as much ridicule, and bullying now as you did when you were overweight? Let me know! :) 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Diet and Everyday Life

Good day Carbzombies!!!
I am 2 weeks into contest prep and surprisingly I'm doing ok! Last year I was highly stressed with family issues and it triggered my emotional eating urges almost every day.  This year my family and I are in a better emotional place which means I have a lot more control over my urges and cravings.  Sure I'm dying for a HUGE breakfast that rhymes with Beggs Penedict but I'm surpressing that. lol 

I plan on taking updated progress pictures either tonight or tomorrow to show what I've done over the last 2 weeks. I can't believe the difference to be honest. I truly think my muscle memory and the hard work I put in during my off season is to thank for my progress thus far.  I have my second assessment tomorrow and I'm looking forward to seeing the numbers!

In 3 weeks I'm attending my company Christmas party and not only is it tough enough to stick to dieting during the holidays but this Christmas party is taking place 6 hours from where I live.  I think I'm going to pre cook and pack food for my lunches for sure. Breakfasts and dinners are the easiest thing to work around I find but lunch, lunch can be tough. Lunch always leaves me tempted.  Breakfast I can bring oatmeal and find some egg whites. Supper is usually a HUGE salad and chicken. Both are easy enough to find at the buffet. But lunch, lunch is my Carb Zombie's kryptonite.

To add another twist in the road when I return from said Christmas party I am off to Montreal on a business related trip. It's only for a few days but like a pro I've already checked out the menus at the hotel and the gym amentities.  Fail to plan, plan to fail right??  All in all I hope those 6 days should be interesting.

What are your plans for sticking to your goals over the holidays? Avoiding the lunch room at work? Pre planning meals for functions? Let me know!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Consoling the Carb Zombie

This is what I have been doing alllllllllll week.  Mother Carb Zombie is HANGRY all the time. This is a good thing, I know, but it makes me dread when and if cheat meals come in to play.  I have officially agreed today that should cheat meals come in to the equation I will NOT choose sugary foods and I will NOT choose junk food. Bacon at breakfast doesn't count. lol However now that I think of it a FANTASTIC eggs benedict breakfast just might be the ticket!

Anyway the whole method behind this madness is I'm scared of triggering the intense cravings for junk and sweets that did me in last time.  I want to do this 100% and have no regrets so I can dance around on that stage while holding that plastic trophy. :)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Brain Game

For those who are just starting to follow along you will notice I will mention "Carbzombie" alot. This is the name I gave myself last season during prep because my brain was screaming for carbs. Oh the life of a competitor!  Of course our brains make it seem ALOT worse than it is. Heck I've been "dieting" since March but it's been on MY terms. As soon as I decide to make a commitment and cut out the extra options it's like a switch is flipped and out comes the Carbzombie.
"What do you mean we can't have eggs with 12 grain bread on the weekend anymore???"

"What do you mean no yam fries????"

"Not the avocado!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!"

It's not that my brain wants to eat junk food, it's that it wants feel like it has the freedom to choose. So this is what I'm going to do for the next 4 months. I'm going to have the mentality that I am choosing all of my meals. That I'm not following a plan and all of this is free will.  Technically it is but I know you see my point. 

All in all the next 4 months WILL be amazing. :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day 1 of prep - 138 days out!

After indulging in some Halloween candy last night I am ready to get down to business! I am officially 138 days out from my competition with no room for error.  This morning began at 5am after my new alarm clock went on when it was supposed to. I swear my other one had gremlins or something.  Seriously, little tiny gremlins messing around with the settings. Anyway, this morning started with fasted cardio but not the kind you're thinking. Nope! Like I mentioned before, new trainer, new way to do things! THIS morning started with jump squat intervals!!  1 minute of jump squats followed by 2 mins of rest, repeat 5 more times and you're done!  Now don't underestimate the difficulty of this exercise. The first time around after a 5 min warm up I got 7 squats in to the set and my legs were burning. After the 4th set things were getting better but this is definitely not easy.  This evening if a full body circut followed by 10 mins of interval cardio.  LOVE this prep already. Will I be saying this 30 days from now? Who knows.

Friday, October 28, 2011


I am so happy to announce my team for this year's competition season!! I am a part of Team J.A.C.T. which stands for Jennifer Spiss & Ainsley McSorley Complete Training (minus the last names).  After much thought I decided to change trainers this year and am looking forward to the coming months of prep!

Go team J.A.C.T.!!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Return Of The Carb Zombies: The New Breed

Well hellllllooooo!!!!

That's right! Mother Carbzombie is BACK and ready to rock the 2012 season!  I have found myself a new trainer whom I met with last night and I couldn't be more excited!! Can you tell my all of the exclamation points???? And question marks???!!!! :) I oddly enough cannot wait to be back on comp diet because I know that this year I just might see my abs. lol 

Along with a new trainer I have also chosen a new catagory since I am competing on a stage that is not tested for drugs. I just can't stand beside the monster Figure chicks and expect to get anywhere.  I think my structure may always be suited for Bikini type catagories and I'm fine with that.  That's not to say that if in a few years I develop some size I won't try for Figure but it's just not possible right now.

So I'm back and I'm excited!  OH! And hubby and I have renovated The Dungeon to look less like a dungeon. Pictures to come!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

No Coffee For You!

I have been having troubles sleeping as of late, surpressed appetite, the list goes on and on. Basically not feeling 100%. My brain feels constantly foggy!  The only thing that has really changed over the last 4 months is my intake of coffee and not keeping up with my vitamins. Soooooo I have cut off the coffee consumption completely until I can figure out what's goin on.  Not enough food maybe? It's quite possible actually. I may have to have a look at that as well but for now, no coffee. I'll survive, don't worry. lol 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Slightly forgotten

Oh goodness I have completely left this blog unattended!!!  Thank you to my good friend Donloree for reminding me it's here!! Speaking of the fabulous Donloree I have been featured on her lovely site as a guest blogger! I decided to touch on post competition balance because I found it a little hard the first time around and I know there are others that have too.  Make sure to check back for other B.O.B. girls and they're guest blogs!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Well that was a bit of a hiatis wasn't it. lol  Things have been busy life wise and though work is slow I keep forgetting about this blog. lol  The MABBA Provincial competition is coming up this Saturday and I'm going to cheer my friends on. Sunday I decided to do a photoshoot which I think I'm almost prepared for. I just have a spray tan to get on Friday then I'm ready to roll. I'm definitely not in top shape but I think it's good enough.  I'm definitely looking forward to the experience either way.  Saturday at the competition, should the weather cooperate I'm going to take some photos of my friends for my experience and their portfolio.  I was going to get reflectors for outside but I just haven't had the time so I'll have to work with what we've got. lol 

Otherwise our new addition is keeping us busy and me stressed. I don't handle things well when they don't go my way and having an animal that won't respond to my instructions stresses me the heck out. lol  I'm trying to deal but it's hard especially when I'm PMSing. When I'm in PMS mode I have the maternal instinct of a tree and the emotion span of an insane person.  :)  Needless to say it's been interesting.

I'm not sure when I'll be seeing my photos from the shoot but I will post 1 or 2. The remainder of this week is going to be looking for stuff to wear for said photoshoot. lol

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Busy Bee!

Things have been so busy in my life I've been neglecting my blogging! But a little time away from the electric box never hurt anyone. :)  I have a new addition to my family!!! Meet Kodi!

Kodi is a 4 month old Australian Shepherd/Poodle cross and though this picture doesn't show it well he's going to be a big boy. lol My husband and I have had some adjusting to do but we're splitting up the duties pretty good so that we can each get our workouts in still.  Soon enough Kodi won't have to be supervised but for now everything is a chew toy! lol  

I am still trying to cut some fat for my photoshoot on June 5th, not sure if it's going to work but a tan makes everything better right? lol

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fountain of Youth

It's amazing the reaction I receive when I tell people I'm 30.  They scoff in disbelief then ask what my secret is.  Alot of it obviously has to do with good genes but those only get you so far if you decide to abuse your body.  You want to know what the real secret is?


I kid you not.  Your kitchen tap is the most valuable tool in keeping your skin and body looking younger!  Ok, well that and sunscreen but this blog is called fountain of youth not bottle of youth.

Our bodies are 55% - 78% water depending on body size and when you're not consuming enough you are basically drying yourself out. I know I'm really over generalizing things but if you're not already, start by consuming 1 full litre of water a day then work your way up to 2.  This can include your coffee and tea if you wish.  Try this out for a full month (but continue afterwards of course) and keep notes of how you feel, changes in your body, etc.  You'd be surprised at what a little H2O can do.

Monday, May 9, 2011

New Direction

This weekend was highly busy with Mother's Day and my second photography class so there wasn't alot of working out being done.  Mother's Day was awesome I took my mom out to a little casino about an hour out of town for the night.  We had a great time and came back with some money!  My second photography class was packed with information that I'm still digesting.  Here are a couple of shots I've taken over the last couple of days.

I have also created a Flickr site for myself so if you want to track my continued progress go here.  I'll still write about the class and give one shot in my blogs but the rest you'll have to go check out!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Walk The Line

There is a very thin line between building lovely lean girly muscles and getting fat while trying to build lovely lean girly muscles.  I am currently travelling right down the middle of this line like I hit a check stop and was asked to walk a line, or tight rope walking in the circus, you choose.  While I'm realizing the "science" behind building lean muscle was ALOT less confusing than I initially thought there's alot of room for mistakes.  To sum it up you take the food you're eating for contest prep, eat about 1 1/2 times more, add some more carbs and VOILA! You're on your way to lovely lean girly muscles. Ok, that was over simplified but who woulda thunk it?? (besides the obvious people) 

Last night I attended a work function that required me to dress up a little. I hadn't tried on any of my dress pants in MONTHS so I had no idea what would fit and what didn't.  The pants of choice were a great black pair, wide leg, and water resistant apparently (they should use dogs in testing by the way).  The only issue was that they were in fact a little snug. Not because of a fluffy waist, oh no, but because the amazing deadlifts I've been doing for the last 6 weeks have produced more muscle in the gluteus maximus region.  Lamen terms: Baby got too much back.  While I am loving the added size to my posterior I am NOT loving the "back gap" effect my pants now have.

Oh the whoas of a bodybuilder! ;)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Peppermint tea and belly buttons

I found peppermint tea early on in my contest prep.  Though I am a lover of most teas, including fennel seed, peppermint is my favourite among all of them.  The whole reason I began drinking peppermint tea started for digestion reasons. While trying to figure out ways to help my body deal with the strict contest dieting I was looking for natural ways to help it deal.  However the reason I keep drinking it, besides the fact it reminds me of Christmas trees and candycanes, is because it comforts me.  People have comfort foods (as do I) and I have comfort teas.  How do I drink it? Straight up, steeped for about 5 mins or whenever I remember to take out the bag. lol

Now I know you're wondering what belly buttons have to do with tea. They have nothing to do with tea normally but today these 2 subjects happen to be floating in my brain.  During the last 3 weeks of contest prep my belly button changed, it was no longer the baby finger nail deep "crevice" in my abdomen. lol  I found it highly odd that something that has stayed the same for my whole life was changing.  I seemed to think that belly buttons had a set depth, but apparently that's not the case when it comes to fat loss. lol Anyway, it is remaining forever changed which is something I will have to accept and love along with all of the other forever body changes that are happening.  Judging fat loss based on your belly button depth.....who knew? ;)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Week 6

First off I would like to say hello to the 5 or so followers of my little babble blog. :)  Thank you so much for following along!

This week marks 6 weeks since I started the weight training program from I haven't been doing alot of cardio but the heavy lifting is helping with any added fat that I accidentally develop. This weekend was mostly crap food wise so I'll be doing at least 3 days of cardio this week.  Anyway, my lifting weights are up siginificantly since I started this program. 85lb deadlifts people!! My goal by the end of the next 6 weeks to is deadlift my current body weight at that time. (probably around 135lbs)  I have yet to figure out what happens after I'm finished these 12 weeks but I'm pretty sure I'm going to go back to working individual body parts and if I get bored of that then I'll go back to this 12 week program. :)

On a different note I attended my first photography class yesterday. I enrolled in an 8 week course to teach me the basics of taking a technically good photo and there are 2 other classes I will complete probably this year.  This is in hopes of one day taking pro photos specifically fitness related photos (I've probably touched on this before and probably will again since I can never remember what I've written from day to day. lol) I would have really liked to have taken the diplomacy program but that's 10 months full time and momma has to pay the bills. lol Anyway, yesterday was merely introductory. I learned about most of the buttons on my camera which have been eluding me since I got it. lol  In the following weeks I should be able to take a fabulous technically sound photo.  I have a bunch of willing specimens to let me try out my talents which will help me build a portfolio. Now I just have to figure out photoshop........

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Obsessive much?

I realized today that I've spent WAY too much time obsessing about my body image and it has completely changed how I've been feeling about myself lately.  It's made me slightly depressed to be honest.  So today, no more!  There's no reason for me to obsess about not having definitive abs, truthfully I never had them to begin with lol.  The next 6 months or so are all about growing so that I can bring more muscle to the stage in 2012.  Fat is a part of growing and as long as my ass and arms look good who cares. ;)

Tonight is lower body night, the first one of week 5.  I want to make sure I warm up really good so my knees don't get angry at me.  I'm REALLY looking forward to pushing the heavier weight. I don't think I pushed myself hard enough last leg day so my legs are in for a treat!

Have a fabulous day and lift heavy!

Monday, April 25, 2011


I love off season for one reason: building muscle. However I am hating off season right now because it's becoming more and more apparent that I have a digestion disorder.  Sure I know I'm eating a TON more food but it's been 5 1/2 weeks since the competition, should things have not figured themselves out by now?  Anyway, I'm trying not to be a procrastinator and going to contact my sister in law, the herbal nutritionist, to test my blood to see what's up.  It actually makes me excited!  Soon I will be able to eat something and not bloat up for the whole day! I will more comfortable in my clothes and with everything in general.  Speaking of rolling the ball o' life in another direction I start my first photography class on Sunday!  I'm working towards my own business that will specialize in fitness/bodybuilding photography as well as wedding, portraits etc.  Can't wait!!! :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Miracle Grow

I don't think I had any idea what could actually happen in 3 1/2 weeks when a person has a great muscle base to start with along with the right fuel and supplements.  The gains I've made aren't significantly huge but I'm well on my way to completely transforming my body.  While I'm not obsessing too much about next year's competition I do keep the thought in the back of my head that I may not get big enough for Figure. Then again based on what I've been doing so far there's a pretty good chance I will.  However after seeing that the girls who compete in bikini put in alot more work than most people think, I don't have as much of a problem entering the catagory. Do I think the posing can go a little too far? Absolutely, but if I want to take home a trophy next year I have to be realistic as to what catagory I fit in to.

On a different note I have been doing some self research as to the cause behind my constant bloating especially after eating and it seems I could have a complex carbohydrate intolerance and/or high candida levels in my intestinal tract which has depleted my digestive enzymes. Instead of self medicating I'm actually going to get tested so I can treat it properly. How lovely it would be to not have this constant bloated feeling!!!  I'll be sure to keep everyone posted. :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Finding acceptance

I took a good look at myself in the mirror this weekend, actually a few of them. lol  The exercise was to force my brain to see what was really there.  A strong, not-as-fluffy-as-you-think-I-am, official Figure competitor, woman. A girl friend of mine had told me that no matter how much I tried to prepare for the post competition blues, it most likely wouldn't be enough. She was completely right but I think I've done alot better than most their first time around.  This weekend I was able to see me for me and not what my mind's eye had been projecting.  Am I "cured"? Heck no, but it's a start. 

This week vow to be proud of how far you've come in the journey you're on.  :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Floating Away

Oh goodness I have not been very careful this week. My sweet tooth has gotten a hold of me and we have been on some adventures. I also haven't been drinking enough water which doesn't work well when taking creatine I'm realizing.  Needless to say I'm feeling very balloon-like today which I'm hoping will subside when I get back to doing cardio (another thing I've neglected).  When I weighed myself this morning I am 131lbs which is exactly 10lbs up from my competition weight. I'd like to not go higher than 135 so I have to make sure I'm doing cardio about 3x a week. 

This post competition thing is a touchy process. I don't want to make it super hard on myself come pre-comp to try to lose a ton of fat again.  While most of my weight right now is water retention I still haven't gotten past the number on the scale.  I've been procrastinating taking measurements because I know I don't want to know my waist size. lol  I do have faith however that I will find that perfect balance.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New horizon

It's been almost 4 weeks since my competition but it's still resonating quite loudly in my head.  It may or may not have something to do with the bits of Pro Tan that are STILL hanging on for dear life.  (I've tried to get it This is definitely NOT a bad thing, it's keeping me in line and giving me motivation and making sure I don't obsess about the slight fluff settling around my midsection. ;)  I've been told it's necessary in order to grow and growing I am.  I have made great strength gains in just a few short weeks and I can visually see the changes in my body. I haven't started keeping measurements though I really should.  I was starting to worry that I'm gaining to much weight too fast but I last weighed myself at 129lbs which is keeping in line with the 0.5lbs/week gain I should be. Sadly thinking about doing cardio makes me cringe because I did so much of it before but I need a small amount to keep things in control. 

I know what you're thinking after reading all of that. Why am I worrying/obsessing in my off season? Because a productive off season is where it all happens.  My off season is going to make my next competition season and I really really want to do it right.  Plus I'm slightly OCD despite the title of this blog. lol  Anywho, that's what is happening as of late.  :) 

Monday, April 11, 2011

Those who cannot do, volunteer!

The Manitoba Amateur Bodybuilding Association Provincial Championships are coming up in June and since I didn't make the top 5 I had plans to buy tickets so I could cheer my peeps on.  However now I'm thinking I'm going to miss the excitement of backstage too much.  I am at this point seriously considering volunteering for the show!  Most of the volunteers for the Novice show are Provincial competitors so there's going to be tons of openings and it would even better if my hubby would do it with me so he could see what goes on behind the scenes since he's competing next year.  I am fully aware of the looooooong day but think I reaaaaallly want to do it.  I'll keep everyone posted! :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

So now what?

Now is grow time, learn time, lift really heavy time. :)  I'm currently following a 12 week lifting program I found on and my diet is derived from half of my own research and some suggestions from the trainers that helped me with contest prep.  I'm looking forward to the changes in my body over the next now 10 weeks at which time I'll re-group and figure out another plan.  As for trainers I'm going to try to do the majority of the work on my own mostly because my first show sucked my money dry. lol  Come fall time I'll start to give thought to the much needed help to get contest ready for March 2012! 

In the time between now and then I will share with you my progress, my thoughts, my food, and the rest of my life since my life now revolves around this crazy thing called body building. :) 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Not too long ago.....

This was me:
Not too bad really. 146lbs, 26% body fat, definintely NOT Figure competitor material. lol  I decided in August 2010 that I wanted to compete in March 2011.  I had ALOT of work to do and it was FAR from easy. But this was me March 14th, 2011:
Unfortunately I look better here than I did on show day and I didn't place very well but WHO CARES!  I did it, I actually followed through with a goal!! Sure there was copious amounts of procrastination throughout, I know I could have done alot better, but the bottom line is I did it!  You wanna know what else I also did? A photoshoot. Yup! To officially set everything in stone I got a professional photoshoot done and what another amazing experience that was!!! The first sneak peak came out last week.

If there was ever a #1 reason to get in shape this would be it.  I chose to compete because I needed a goal, a HUGE goal, and it was the best thing I ever did.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Numero Uno

I decided today it was time to branch out and start blogging for the rest of the world wide web.  Let me start by introducing myself. Hi! I'm Chantelle. I'm a wife, a sister, a daughter, and a Figure competitor.  Now if you couldn't tell by the previous mention of "figure competitor" this is a blog about fitness and all things related and happening in and around it.  I'm fairly new to the sport as are alot of people and I had started blogging my journey to the stage last year on  While I will still be blogging there I think being over here will reach a wider audience. :)

In future blogs I'll be catching everyone up on my journey to the stage this past March, 2011 while keeping you updated on my current journey to the same stage in 2012.  Be warned I don't hold alot back.  I like to tell everything like it is because how is anyone going to learn from my mistakes and/or triumphs! So, tag along on this journey, tell your friends, this is just going to keep getting better and better. :)