Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Balancing Act

Some days this post comp balance shit can really suck.  Let's be real, most of us can't just go back to "normal life".  I still have to weigh my food, portion everything out, and keep the junk to a minimum.  In truth I don't mind really, I've been doing it for the last 5 months so I feel out of sorts if I don't plan things the same way.  But my body is still adjusting to food in general and my appetite is INSANE!  I inhaled 6 pieces of pizza last night and stopped myself for going back again because I knew it would be bad news. Oddly enough my body didn't blink an eye at the pizza but it reacts over protein pancakes.  Go effing figure.

I'm back to working out this week, which feels fantabulous.  Again one of those things that made me feel out of sorts, not hitting the weights right after work.  I may do a couple of sessions a week of morning HIIT just to defluff a tad plus I just feel better when I wake up early and do something with myself.  Don't get me wrong, I love sleeping, and I'm REALLY good at it, but the day just goes better when I've done a few interval sprints in the morning.

For now the plan is maintenance.  WAY easier said than done but I think I'm doing relatively well considering.  I haven't touched my scale in about 5 days which is the way I want to keep it.  I know those things are pure evil so why not practice what I preach??  I think it's currently hidden under rolls of toilet paper which, for a procrastinator, is clearly too much work. ;)

Friday, April 26, 2013

The After - Thank Yous, Details, and Ramblings

FINALLY I have gotten around to writing my post show blog.  Now that the tan has mostly worn off and I've had the week to remind myself that eating crap will result in me looking like crap, I can reflect on the last 2 weeks. But before I do that I have ALOT of thank yous.

1) To my husband.  When you and I decided we were going to do the show together the first thing that came in to my head was us not talking for 4 months. But something amazing happened, we had a BLAST! We became this well oiled machine that could workout, prep food, pack lunches within a couple hours. This show brought us to another level in our relationship and I can't wait to do it all over again for September. :)

2) My mom.  My number one freakin fan 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Thank you for buying chicken when it was on sale. Thank you for watching our 3 dudes when we left for the competition.  The words "thank you" don't feel like enough for all that you do for us all the time.  xoxo

3) My friends!! Who listened to me whine, complain, babble about the same things all the time because I couldn't remember if I told you. Talked me down from food ledges, ALWAYS asked how I was feeling/doing.  I love you all.

4) My sponsors Gorilla Jack.  Martin the All Seeing All Knowing and Barry the Gentle Giant.  You are more than just sponsors you are my friends. Always making sure I was feeling ok during prep, answering every question I ever had, and bringing me peanut butter for my birthday. 

5) My trainer Ainsley McSorley.  I was a basket case at the beginning of this prep. My mind would change from one minute to the next.  I'm sorry I sent so many emails. lol  You pushed me hard because you knew I needed it and I thank you.  I haven't felt this good for a year and you helped me get back here.  xoxo

6) Everybody else. There are so many other people who would check in through Facebook and email etc so I just wanted to say you are just as much a part of this as everyone above. Thank you. :)

NOW, let's get down to the good stuff. 

The competition: Fitness Star International
The place: Brandon, Manitoba

When I saw the FS show in Winnipeg in November 2012 I KNEW I had to compete in it. Regardless of my loathing at the time for competitions, I knew FS was something different.  It was just what I needed.  Michael Ryan and James Erdt are the most down to earth people, REALLY wanting to connect at the ground level with the athletes.  Being able to talk directly to the powers that be makes me feel like I'm really a part of something.  That I'm not just another number on the stage.

The show itself is unlike any other show.  There's a live DJ on the stage spinning tunes to get everyone excited and pumped.  I don't think anyone realizes what up tempo music can do for a person who is dehydrated and full of rice and potatoes. lol  The calibre of athletes is amazing, everyone so friendly and wanting to know your story.  This makes for a great backstage environment! 

Since the show was 2 hours away from home, hubby and I had to bring everything we needed with us. The hotel room was packed. We even brought our own blankets, sheets, and towels so we wouldn't get in trouble with the hotel for staining them with tanner. (that crap doesn't come out of anything).  I have to say I thought being away from home would be stressful but it was fanastic.  I did all my own hair and makeup which gave me time to rest a little more and really enjoy the process.  My poor husband was so sick but he was an absolute trooper through the show. What he lacked this show he'll definitely make up for in September. 

Fast forward to now, being a week post show, this part was the part that worried me the most. Last year I gained about 10-15lbs within a couple of weeks from stress binge eating. It hurt, ALOT.  As usual I stressed and planned and made sure I constantly had an inner dialogue with myself about food.  My mantra being "Food is not connected to your emotions."  While I have indulged in a few treats and cheats, it has been NO where near the amount of food I ate last year.  The majority of my day is filled with clean eats however it's just that second last meal of the day, supper if you will, that gets me every time.  I did take the week off from working out to let my body recoup some. This was mostly due to a chest cough that intensifies the more I breathe. Awesome, right? It feels like it's starting to get better but regardless, Monday is my official workout start back date. I'm excited to be honest. I have felt WAY out of sorts letting myself rest this week. I know my body needed it, obviously since I haven't been sick in years, but knowing that I long to be up in the morning doing cardio and hitting the weights right after work tells me I am finally getting to the place I've been longing for.  For right now I'm just trying to function as a normal, healthy person, prepping clean foods that I like to eat from a guideline my trainer has given me.  For some dumb reason this is harder than it seems. For the last 4 months I've been reading my food off a paper on my fridge and to be able to plug in whatever protein/carb/fat I want makes my mind turn to mush. lol  That being said, repetition should fix all of that. I hope.

SO! My current motivation for eating clean and working out is the FS show in September.  Now that I've lost my 20lbs I am finally in the proper starting position for a really great prep.  I am definitely on my way to finding balance this summer and just having an over all fantastic year.  Thank you again to everyone who was a part of this amazing journey. :)

Monday, April 15, 2013

Peaka de Weeka

Well I have arrived.  5 days out from my competition, 2 days in to my peak week, and surprisingly yesterday's 8 litres were reasonably easy to get in.  (about 2 gallons for my US friends).  The only thing I hate is I become extremely tired during peak week. I really don't think I should be making my 25 minute treck to work, ESPECIALLY when there is a blizzard outside today, but I don't want to take too much time off work.  However if I deem myself too ridiculous I will take an extra day for the safety of others around me. lol

Yesterday was my last posing class before the show.  While I have my bikini poses down I haven't been practicing walking in my dress for the Glamour category.  How does one pose with clothes ON?? ;)  Seriously, I focused so much on our half naked poses I forgot about the clothed poses. Anyway, google and youtube are my best friends this week and my basement is now a runway. Which is really no different then usual because I'm CONSTANTLY posing. I'm a proud poser. :D

Since this show is 2 hours away from us I am taking half of Thursday off so that I can get my long winded workout in and start our food prep for Friday and Saturday that way hubby and I aren't running too far in to the evening. This will give us time to start applying our tanner etc as well and have some relax time before we leave Friday.  All in all I think hubby and I are reasonably prepared for the fact we're going to be away from home for this show.  We have such a great system down for our workouts and food prep, I don't think it will be a problem post show to continue with.

So, here we go! I can't wait for the team meeting on Friday to see everyone and converse! Oh and the 10oz of red wine I get Friday night. Weeeee! ;)

Friday, April 5, 2013

Yet Another 2 Week Countdown

I'm pretty sure I post this video EVERY time I'm 2 weeks away from something. My birthday, a competition, a vacation, it works for everything.  This is not only my 2 week go to "celebration" this is also me acknowledging that the original Total Recall was EPIC and extremely well done for it's time. Screw you CGI, you ain't got nothing on the 80's.

So, here we are again! 2 weeks out from competition. The point where you're either a) Extremely excited or b) Extremely annoyed that you decided to do ANOTHER competition. I switch between A and B constantly.  Hubby and I still have alot of prep work we have to do outside of training. Shopping for category outfits, getting our tanning stuff in order, I have girly makeup stuff to purchase.  You know, all the things you leave until the last possible minute. lol  I'll probably start packing things up next week so I know I won't forget anything. It's not like we're a 20 minute drive from home this time, we're 2 hours away from home this time.  If you don't bring it, you better figure out where to get it. ;)

Training otherwise is going well besides the constant hunger. I'm trying to remember to reach for water during those times and not stand in front of the fridge, staring at the peanut butter jar. WHICH I have since hidden behind stuff in the fridge.  Now all I can stare at is tilapia, steak, chicken, and asparagus.  Oh and occasionally eggwhites.  Man I miss those.  I don't know what my peak week looks like yet but I'm assuming the master mind that is Ainsley McSorely is scheming as we speak. lol  Just putting this out there if you're reading this Ains: tilapia instead of tuna? hahaha!

Well here's to another countdown.  I will probably wait until peak week to blog again since it's ALWAYS interesting what the body does when you're downing 8 litres of water a day for 2-3 days. :)

Monday, April 1, 2013

Doctor's Orders

In January of this year I started the process of finally getting my bloodwork and body checked by my doctor. Unfortunately it wasn't because I'm the type of person who regularly gets that done, no, it was because of depression, low libido, 2 to 3 week long periods and excruciating cramps. (though the cramping I've always had)  I finally got in to the doctor's office today to follow up with him on my tests, a phone call I had to make myself by the way. According to the receptionist "No news is good news" if they don't call you back.


My doctor basically confirmed during our meeting what my husband and I were thinking all along; my fast tracked weight gain coupled by the huge stresses we were facing last year (a year ago pretty much to the date) caused my body to get supremely pissed off and pout in a corner like a toddler.  This time last year I was 2 weeks post competition, stressed to the max with life stuff, and feeding my emotions with ridiculous amounts of food and wine.  I had so much water retention that my breasts almost exploded.  I swear to the Gods. It was painful.  These habits continued and I continued to spiral and my body spiralled along with me. 

Today however was good news.  My hormone and iron levels are perfectly fine, my ovaries show no signs of polycystic ovary syndrome, and since getting back to a healthy lifestyle my mentral cycle is less crazy. As am I. :)  My doctor has urged me to continue on the path I'm on which, after too much trial and error, is currently the plan. Operation: Balance will be in full effect post competition in 3 weeks. 

If you're reading this post, and are feeling like I was feeling (tired, depressed, unbalanced, emotionally eating, wonky menstral cycles, cranky, bitchy, basically the 7 dwarves of a crappy lifestyle), take your life by the vagina (thank you Betty White), and do something about it!!! It's going to be HARD, you're probably going to cry a few times, you're going to fight cravings as you decrease the JUNK in your life. You're going to be too damn tired to be active but I GUARANTEE you once you start, the change will make you want to keep going because you're going to know I wasn't lying.  If you don't know WHERE to start, ASK! I know professionals who can help you get started in the right direction. :)

Take my doctor's orders, get healthy, stay healthy, be happy. Find BALANCE.