Friday, November 22, 2013

Basic Curvatures

The state of the "basic curvature", if you will, of women is something that is CONSTANTLY being talked about. Are models too skinny? Are "plus size" models too skinny? What IS plus size anyway? Are Lululemon pants just expensive clothing made for skinny people?  If you've seen the news lately then you know that last one is a HUGE issue right now and many a Facebook rant has been posted. 

The Lulu issue has sparked a few of my friends on Facebook, who have amazingly honest and "Stop feeling sorry for yourself" attitudes like my own, to post on the subject which then makes me post on the subject because the rants are incredible.  What is ironic is I was having a conversation with a girl friend of mine about how fit chicks like us have issues just fitting in to "normal" clothes because of our curves.  I came to the conclusion that all women have issues with clothes regardless of the size of your pants and that we need to start letting go of that stupid tag number and just wear what FITS. 

I had that very idea pointed out to me by my good guy friend, Shane.  He said "For guys, we have NO idea what the tag says. We go in, pick something out, if it doesn't fit we find a size larger and continue on."  You mean they don't DWELL??? They don't have a minor melt down in the change room over the fact that the size 6 pants they've been wearing for a year suddenly don't fit in the ass or quads because of our glorious, hard earned, muscle?  That their favourite dress hanging in the closet no longer fits in the back because of the pull ups they've been desperately trying to complete? 

Well first of all I don't think they would be looking at a dress in their own closet (well maybe, I don't know lol) but you see my point.  We put so much focus on that stupid number it drives us to eating disorders, to break downs. I am an advocate of being healthy at whatever size you are.  My weight fluctuates more than I'd like and I have a bit more curves this year than last and, yes, I did have a week of minor melt downs and tantrums when I couldn't fit my favourite dress, but I also have to look at the bigger picture.  WE have to look at the bigger picture.  My goals currently are muscle building. That results in certain changes. Suck it up buttercup.

Ladies I urge you to start dressing for your body. Buy clothing that fits and not something that gives you an instant muffin top. If you're not fitting in to your current clothes, assess the reason why and possibly make some changes. Either in your routine or your clothes, whichever way you want to go.  Don't get mad at large corporations for being honest as to the fact they don't carry sizes larger than 12 or whatever it is they're saying.  Business it business, it's not supposed to be personal.  What's personal is how you feel about yourself. Know that ALL women are having the same issues you are in that change room. I have gotten stuck in a shirt because of my back. I almost got stuck in a pair of pleather leggings because of my ass, ok? I'm there with ya! 

Be healthy, be happy, be yourself, and be happy with being yourself.