Thursday, September 12, 2013

Music For My Soul

It's been a bit since I blogged. Heck it's been a bit since I steadily worked out! But today's blog isn't going to be about fitness, no, today's blog is about getting back to something I've been missing for a while.


For those who don't know, music has been a part of my life from a very early age. At 7 I "discovered" my voice. At 16 I decided to finally take vocal lessons after singing with the likes of Celine Dione, Whitney Houston, and Maria Carey in the comfort of my room for the previous 9 years. At 17 I finally took the leap into public singing by entering my hich school's talent show.  At 20 American Idol was all the rage and singing competitions of the like were popping up all over Winnipeg. I entered and didn't win anything until 2004 at the age of 23.  About 4 years ago I stopped singing publicly altogether, due to the lack of joy it brought me, minus a large country music festival's contest which I entered mostly to get tickets for the weekend.

I have NO shame admitting that by the way. :)

In the last 5 months I did some thinking and reflecting on my years of the competitive fitness lifestyle and on how many things I didn't have time for while training because of it.  I then made the decision I was going to take at least a year off from competing to focus on my relationship with working out and food, then re-evaluate my feelings after that. In the meantime I vowed to engage in something I have missed out on. 

I decided to join a choir! :D  The Stonewall United Church's Christmas Cantata choir to be exact!

I haven't been this excited and nervous in YEARS. Nervous because choirs are serious business. I have been singing country music for 12 years with one other choir experience probably 6 years ago. I haven't hit my soprano high notes since, well, 6 years ago. Oddly enough, though rusty, they were still there last night. I actually managed to keep up with the well seasoned singers! lol To hear the harmonies of my soprano group against the female altos and the tenor and baritone men was music for my soul and made me feel complete again. 

I can't wait for our performance in December. :)