Monday, May 27, 2013

Money Doesn't Grow On Bikinis

But it SHOULD. Unless you have a competition bikini and sell that bikini then well technically money comes from bikinis but that is NOT the point I'm trying to make here.

If you haven't figured it out yet, competing costs money. LOTS of money.  And while my husband and I are financially stable we have had some life events and added responsibilities that have caused us to take a step back and say "Not gonna do it" a la Dana Carvey. What I'm saying is that I have decided to post pone my next competition by not competing in Fitness Star Winnipeg September 14th 2013.  As much as I was looking forward to stepping on that stage as a Level 3 competitor there will be time for that in the future. :)

In the meantime, my focus will turn to maintaining and bettering my current physique. As well as working with my sponsors, Gorilla Jack, on column writing as well as some vlog opportunities with my fellow Gorilla Girl, Chelsea Shand. If anyone has any ideas for vlog content such as product reviews, question answering, or just straight up shennanigans, let me know!!

"Desire increases when fulfillment is postponed"
 - Pierre Corneille

Monday, May 13, 2013

16 Weeks

Do you know what kind of people diet over the summer?? CRAZY people! Or crazy smart people.  That's right, it looks like I'll be starting prep for the September Fitness Star show THIS Saturday!!  Oddly enough I am ridiculously excited. There are a number of firsts happening for this show that are going to blow everything out of the water.

1) I am currently 135lbs.  I have NEVER started a show prep at 135lbs.  This means I have 16 weeks to dial in to about 120-122lbs. Insert evil laugh here. ;)

2) As I mentioned above I am dieting through the summer.  Crazy? Maybe. Crazy smart? Definitely.  Who doesn't want a wicked beach body for summer? I feel mentally balanced enough to not worry about what I could be missing. I see summer like Christmas at this point, and I ALWAYS diet through Christmas.  I got this.

3) Ok so this one is and isn't a first but my hubby and I are training together AGAIN! That's right, not only are we doing 1 show together this year but TWO shows this year! We made a ridiculously good team and I am so excited to do it over again. 

I'll take progress pics on Saturday. I am pretty soft around the mid section but that's to be expected since I'm not doing any extra cardio to keep me really lean.  I'm happy right now with how I look and when I REALLY clean up my diet things will pop back in to place.  :)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Check Up and In

So we are almost 3 weeks post competition, I'm sitting around 135lbs which is an extremely manageable spot for me.  My waist measurements are up about 3 inches because honestly I can't maintain a 26" waist. I just can't, and that's fine.  Between PMS bloat, carb bloat, "I don't like what you just fed me" bloat, etc, etc, it's not possible. It might be eventually, but right now it's not.  I can't explain what it is with my midsection, I'm not a doctor, I'm back to crapping once a day, whatever.  Moving on.

I have yet to do the morning cardio thing, maybe THAT would take down my midsection an inch or two.  I just love sleep right now. lol  That being said it's getting brighter earlier in the mornings and as soon as my dogs see sun they are up with the birds.  (which also piss me off when I have the windows open. Late to bed early to rise, what the hell?? Chirping at 5am is NOT cool people)  My food intake is streamlined during the week, I have my plan, I like the food, I don't feel like I'm restrained, it makes me happy. Ketchup on my egg muffins at 10am makes me HAPPY.  Like Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty happy.

Fitness Star International Winnipeg is about 4 months away, that's the ultimate goal right now, so the plan is to maintain until my trainer extrordinare tells me otherwise.  Hubby and I are heading to Jamaica for our 5 year anniversary on August 13th which will be 4 weeks away from the show.  I plan on enjoying myself. That doesn't mean stuff my face but I'm going to enjoy myself. :)  I paid for the damn trip, how much damage could I really do in a week anyway?