Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Follow Up

After my last blog I was bombarded, no not the right word, inundated (there we go) with people commenting and messaging me words of encouragement as well as sharing their own private struggles and I really hope I sounded sincere over the interwebs when I said thank you because I truly and absolutely am.  I'm not naive to think that I'm the only one struggling with what I'm hearing is now coined as "First World" problems, but sometimes people hide their struggles very very well.  Rightly so I suppose, I just tend to have an issue with the filter part of my mouth/brain and use this form of media as therapy. :) 

Since the last blog I have been beginning to add elements of my old routine back in to my life. Last week wasn't perfect (Sorry Ains) and this week may not be either but the way I see it I'm moving in the right direction.  Thoughts of competing are still in my head however thankfully I am no longer filled with overwhelming thoughts of doubt and anxiety.  I think something may have been released with the publishing of my last blog. Something I needed to get out and not just to my friends and family but to everyone.  Sometimes I have moments where I think it was highly selfish and conceited to post all of it, that people would be assuming it was for attention, but then I remember all of the people who contacted me directly to tell me their trials and tribulations and I remember the motivation behind it all, behind everything I do.  To help people by sharing my experiences.  Sure this blog is a very small piece of the puzzle but if you're looking for subjects of conversation such as constipation, Carb Zombies, and non-evil Stepmothers, I've got you covered. It's the least I can do. ;)

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