Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Me, Go To The Gym? Nope!

It's absolutely true that I don't have a gym membership. This is something I established very early in my bodybuilding journey. Note the name of this blog: The Diary of a Procrastinator.  This is a VERY telling fact about me. I am so true to the word that the thought of driving to get to the gym makes me not want to do it.  This was the problem I faced in the beginning, even when the gym was down the street from my work!  Alot of people I come in to contact with are the exact opposite. They need the gym, the vibe, the energy, the distraction from their hour of cardio.  For me this is what a 19" TV mounted on a floor/ceiling beam and The Food Network are for! :) 

This all being said, things might be different now if I were to give the gym a chance, but since my husband and I invested in our own gym equipment over 6 years ago, it's become quite part of the norm to be happy with working out at home.  We even have a whole floor dedicated to our equipment which we are just starting to finish the renovations on.  Personally I love being able to do my thing in whatever manor I want and not worry that I can't superset something because someone is on a bench I need, or being slightly self consious if the broccolli I ate is coming back to haunt me if you know what I mean.  I have mini dance parties between sets and though I can make a fool of my self as well as the next groovin chick, I enjoy my space, my zone.

I am proud to be a home fit body, going against the norm, yet still producing fantastic results.  Don't get me wrong, I love gyms. They keep me going when I'm away from my "Dungeon" as I call it but I'm proud to show people it is possible to get a competition figure with the right equipment and dedication. And maybe even a little procrastination. ;)


  1. Hi Chantelle,

    Thanks for your great blog! I also like to work out in my home zone. As I have a gym membership, there have been times that I have not been able to do a superset because someone is on the equipment I need. Or...they are just standing around talking! That really upsets my whole routine. So I understand what you mean!
    And I might add, you look so good. Where might I purchase those dumbbells you were talking about? By the way I love your blogs also!



    1. I'm jealous you have a home gym. I need a public gym because being around people motivates me to not slack off between sets, and to keep proper form and the weight heavy! However, when I want to do morning cardio and afternoon weights, that's a harder routine to follow when there's no equipment at home.