Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Carb Zombie hides in the shadows.....

Anyone who has been following along for any length of time knows I have coined myself The Carb Zombie during prep. Instead of brains I call for GGGRRAAAAIIIINNNSSSS. ;)  However it came to my attention yesterday, one of the hardest days during prep I've ever had AND a FULL day of carbs, that my inner Carb Zombie is STILL there!!!!  Oh yes, she is hiding in the shadows, never statisfied eventhough all we're eating alllll day is carbs.  She wants MORE, oh yes, LOTS more.  So MUCH MORE that it left me so incredibly hungry last night.  On the bright side, I can officially see more of my abs this morning than ever in my life. 

Today I'm totally on track. It's protein all day and though I slept in (the sleep was totally needed for my aching body) I am making sure to eat in 2 to 3 hour increments.  Luckily hubby and I are working on The Dungeon (our home gym) renos today which helps my mind stay off of food I shouldn't be eating.  We are exactly 10 weeks out today and there is NOTHING standing in the way of me and that stage. Not even my Carb Zombie. :)

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