Monday, February 13, 2012

Crunch Time

I am in it, that's for sure. lol  4 weeks, 5 days until show day but techinically only 4 weeks to really make any kind of last ditch effort to make changes.  I've been having some bloating issues as of late but I have added some probiotics to the mix in hopes of helping my digestion.  "Things" have slowed down again which could be the main cause for the bloating and no amount of prunes is going to save me.  It may be time for a shot of my natural psyllium fiber tonight as an extra "GTFO" measure. ;) 

Lately it's been hard to get my head right craving wise.  Not only because of dieting but it seems the older I get, the worse my PMS symptoms get, and the crankier I get for a full 7 days a month.  And this is before Aunt Flow even shows up! It's like a week long pre-gamer for the worst party ever.  However I have initiated operation "Suck It The F*** Up" this week and shall tell myself that whenever I start to whine about something. 


I'm starting to think more about post competition, what will happen IF I place, will I do Provincials in June, and if I don't place how I'm going to cope with not eating broccoli and fish every day. lol I am SO looking forward to going back to eating like a normal fit person.  Of course I have some cheats I'd like to get out of the way but a nice bowl of greek yogurt and raspberries is still pretty high on the list.  I miss my protein pancakes for breakfast, I miss fruit, but this is what we let go of for a short time to get ripped and walk around in a bikini on stage right?  It's all going to taste even better with an overly busty resin trophy beside me too. ;)

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