Monday, February 27, 2012

Mind Tricks

20 days until comp day. 13 days until I start my peak week.  I am currently spending WAY more time than a person should on Pintrest drooling over the food porn however, I have a feeling it's still way less than others. This past weekend was the worst fight I've had with my Carb Zombie brain in a while.  My measurements and weight were all up slightly after Saturday's assessment and being an emotional eater it took everything I had left not to dive into something, anything, resembling anything other than what was on my diet plan.  I did however come up with a super fun concoction yesterday. I combined my afternoon/evening protein shake with my evening cottage cheese ration, a little water, some splenda, froze it and gobbled it like I would any ice cream.  Flavor of choice: Allmax Iso Flex Chocolate Mint.  It completely curbed the Carb Zombie and completely made me happy.  Another option is to add almond milk instead of water which will have to try sometime. I wouldn't mind perfecting the recipe as an alternative to ice cream for off season. I may have to also do some testing with the frozen banana "ice cream" as well post comp. (frozen bananas + blender = YUM)

Anywho, I'm trying hard to stay focused in these last few weeks. I've decided to take the full week off before the competition since the water load had that lovely cleansing effect and I think it's best I spend most of my time in my own bathroom as opposed to the one at work. It's not good for productivity that's for sure.  Next week I think it's time to start thinking seriously about post competition eating though I know my trainer will help me with this. Last year I thought I had done ok, and to some degree I did but I'd rather not gain 10-15lbs again. While I have a laundry list of food I'd like to consume I know it's just the Carb Zombie talking. 

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