Friday, January 4, 2013

Bragg-ing Rights

If you have followed Tosca Reno, celebrity fad diets, or read a fitness magazine you have probably heard about Braggs Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. Or as the cool kids call it, ACV.  In my usual fashion I've been "getting around" to trying this stuff because not only does it help assist in weight loss but it assists in digestion, wards off sickness, helps your skin, and a bunch of other fantastic things as listed in this article below. :)

If you haven't tried this stuff before don't let the name fool you. It does not taste like apples nor does it taste like cider. I'm starting to think the name is as it is just to get you to drink it. lol  It actually tastes very similar to Balsamic Vinegar which makes me want to put it on my salad.  Instead however I'm putting 2 tablespooons in a shaker cup with 5oz of water and downing it like an alcoholic downs wine. Or I guess like I down wine. ;) 

I have just started this process yesterday and on average (by speaking to other people) after about 2 weeks you really start to notice a difference in bloating, skin texture, etc so I will definitely be keeping everyone up to date on my experiences.  With my constant issues in digestion and bloating what do I have to lose by drinking this stuff twice to three times a day? 

If you want to know more about Braggs ACV and it's amazing "Mother of Vinegar" that it contains go to the Braggs website or do a little googling. Then pick yourself up a bottle and try it out! Be sure to share your experiences with me as well!

OH! One tip, after you're done shooting this stuff back, rinse your mouth with water. The acidity from the ACV can erode your enamel. Happy drinking!


  1. HAHA! Yes, I do shots of this before meals. :) Haha, so apparently I shoot this crap like tequila!

  2. You can get ACV in the form of a pill too! I tried downing it with water, but it would literally make me gag. I'm only willing to go so far with prep.
    What show are you prepping for?