Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Total Recall

I went for my assessment last night and though the results could have been better, they could have been worse.  It is after all only 2 weeks since I started training hard again after becoming a lazy slob and drinking wine instead of water.  Despite the short amount of training time, I think I had a bit of a Total Recall moment on the way home. (the original not the rebooted crap)  If you need a refresher, here's the visual

It's only been 2 freakin weeks Chantelle.

On my drive home I had the time to reflect on the work I put in through those 2 weeks. Was I really pushing as hard as I could? No.  Was I following my diet 100%? Yes.  Do you even want to freakin do this anyway?? I really do.

Last year I said I would find balance and stop the horrible rebounding, I failed. I had a plan and I failed to execute it! The year before I said the same thing and the same thing happened.  3rd time's a charm maybe?? lol I guess we'll see. 

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