Wednesday, February 13, 2013

You're Nuts

Just a quick update before I get in to my current rant, training is good. Dieting is weirdly good (another blog about that later), I feel really really good.  I'm also lookin' real good. ;) 

Anywho the latest ridiculousness to get me fired up, though I KNOW it doesn't usually take much, is Nutella's current marketing campaign to be a breakfast food.  Yes, I said breakfast.  Breaking your fast with sugar, palm oil "and a hint of coco". 

Exibit A:

In the words of Grumpy Cat: NO. No no no no no.  Even on the days post competition when I'm craving every horrible food imaginable, never have I started my day with the filling of Ferrero Rocher. 

Exibit B:

Notice they say "tasty" instead of "healthy".  I already have an interesting time finding a breakfast for my 13 year old step son that is inbetween the healthy and tasty region that he'll eat.  It usually consists of Mini Wheats but at least it's better then most of the other crap on the shelves. Now we have Nutella saying "Come to the dark side, we have hazelnuts." 

In 2012 Nutella went on a breakfast tour of the Southern United States.  A TOUR!  When is the last time a company like Quaker went on a tour?

Something so simple as a bowl of oats, heck even those prepackaged flavoured oats, is 100 times better than serving your, quote, "loved ones" something that has sugar and palm oil listed as the first two ingredients (i.e. the base), in their product. 

Educate yourself and your family about the difference between treats and proper nutrition and how to balance both.  Your kids are the future and you are responsible for setting them up with the knowledge of forming a nutritious meal that is fuel for their growing bodies.    

*The above is simply the opinion of someone who is striving to live a healthier life and sees the effects of advertising on young minds. If you want to eat Nutella for breakfast, have at'er*

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