Monday, February 4, 2013

Progressive Rant - 1 month update

Time for a 1 month update. I don't even know what to say anymore to be honest. I feel like I'm redundant. If you go back 2 years ago I'm still saying the same stupid crap. Still complaining, still struggling, still making excuses.  How many times does a person have to burn their forehead on a curling iron before they realize that was a dumb idea. Usually just once because the scar that's left is a daily reminder. (true story, circa 1997) So how many times does a person have to outgrow their pants before they learn the same lesson???? So far it's 3 for me.  While "third time's the charm", there are just some things that don't fit so well into that catagory. Marriages, heart attacks, strokes, and waist lines. Among others but you get the point.

Do I sound mad? That's because I am mad. I look at my progress picture and while I'm happy with my progress, I truly, madly, deeply, (also circa 1997) am, I absolutely loathe the before picture. Because it's the same before picture from last year, and the year before, and probably the year before that where a bag of chips a night was divine.  So while the bright side is, chips last longer should they ever enter our household, I get bummed out at the reality of my lack of balance.

That nonsense all being said, the progress below was made in a little over a month I realized but still, pretty freakin awesome if I can say so myself. 

No my hair didn't magically grow by the way.  Most of the time my hair is up in a bun, which I see is causing me to bald a tad. Meh. 

So here's my ass all over the internet for someone to do unspeakable things with but that's the chance you take when you try to inspire people and frankly yourself.  And if you see this and want to try to pass it off as you or as someone you're training, screw you. This is me and I'm trained by the one and only Ainsley McSorely suckers.  Get off your own lazy asses and make your own progress and your own blogs with your own rants. 

I promise next time I'll be happier. lol