Friday, July 19, 2013

LiveFit Phase 2 Week1 ~ CAAARRRDDDIIIOOOO and girly muscles

NEVER have I been more happy to see the word cardio before. Ever. Infinity.  After 4 weeks of basically carb loading I was starting to feel pressurized.  Though the muscle gains were welcomed the constant full feeling was not.  That being said, it was required for 4 weeks to not do cardio. I can now see why people were having daily freakouts when this program first came out.  It's a daunting task to eat all that food, lift all that weight and stay away from anything related to cardio. 

This week felt MUCH different and the only changes were the cardio and no starchy carbs for dinner. What a DIFFERENCE!  No pressurization, midsection is starting to tighten up, yet I'm still making gains. Happy, happy, happy!

So since Phase 2 ends close to my trip to Jamaica I'm going to continue for a bit in phase 2 and move on to Phase 3 when i get back. Phase 3 starts the serious leaning out process with carb cycling which would be too hard to keep up with while on holiday.  The good part about staying on Phase 2 for a while longer is the extra muscle I'll gain, definitely not complaining there. :)


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