Monday, January 27, 2014

Menstrual Musings

Well it's been a while since the last posting so why not begin it with PMS talk! WOO!


Show of hands, who here has issues with "Flo" keeping her appointment dates? She's either late, or early, or keeps popping by for quick visits until your original date night actually comes?  Yeah.

See "normally" dates with Flo go like so:
Flo: HEY! It's our date night!!! I brought wine and some tylenol. :)
Me: Awesome, thanks! See you in 28 days!

For me lately it goes a couple of ways:

Example 1:
Flo: Oh heeeeyyyy! I can't make our date on the 30th so I'm just stopping by now.
Me: Umm, k. It's only the 27th but I'm available.....
Flo: AWESOME! *kicks me in the stomach*. Catch you later!!

Example 2:
Flo: Hey! I'm just stopping in to say hi real quick. I know our date isn't until the 31st but I missed you.
Me: Ummm, ok. Are you staying lo....
Flo: See you later!
*next day*
Flo: Hey! I'm just stopping in again to say hi!
Me: K, but our date isn't for another 4 days, could you just wait until then?
Flo: See you later!

And that goes on for another 4 days then the last part of Example 1 kicks in.

I did finally go and consult with the Doc. and he's sent me to a specialist which happens in March. Most likely it's a hormone imbalance (explains the mood swings) and hopefully it's a quick fix.  I have had everything else tested so this is the last thought. 

So ladies feel alone no longer! I too experience the inconsistent , fickle, friendship of "Flo".  I still thinks she plays favourites however......