Thursday, January 2, 2014

The 1 Year Bucket List

I think the term "New Years resolution" has gotten a bad name.  Simply because alot of people just don't follow through with what they have set aside to accomplish. This year I'm writing a physical list of things that I will be able to check off as I complete them.  I'm going to take it everywhere with me just in case a moment arises that allows me to do something on my list.  This will be my 1 Year Bucket List. 

This list is, at it's core, a list of actual goals I wish to accomplish this year. Things from establishing a core editing style photographically (see for that side of me), to scheduling in family and friend time.  The things on the list can be as big or as small as you want I just feel that having a physical list, reminding me of the things I want my year to be filled with, will help me remember how I want this year to go. 

Now the list doesn't have to be finished in it's entirety this year (though that's the plan), some things will just simply take a little longer and that's fine.  The purpose is for me to have a guideline. It feels like I've just been running around doing things but not making real progress, not really enjoying life either. 

Ok, fine, I simply have a thing for lists. lol  Seriously, they're pretty awesome. ;)

So with all that being said, here's to a productive, purposeful 2014! What would be on your list? I'd love to hear. :)


  1. 1. Reach my goal of losing 40lbs (or looking like it :P)
    2. Monetizing my blogs and making them better and attract more readers!
    3. Do at least 1 creative team shoot a month
    4. Excel at fitness photography! ;)

    1. I love these!!! I would recommend not getting too hooked on a number in weight loss. I know it helps with the over all goal BUT when muscle starts coming in to play the scale can be a jerk. lol

  2. 1. Compliment my Wifey as much as possible, alteast once a day. (I stole this from her uncle but its an awesome idea!)
    2. Write 10 songs, 3 of which will be decent.
    3. Finally finish writing a D&D type adventure and put it up for sale on
    4. FINALLY sing one song live with my band, I'm going to have to practice, then talk them into letting me do it, then actually do it. (Sweet, Sweet By The Smashing Pumpkins).

  3. 1. Keep myself healthy and strong for a natural delivery of Baby Bang.
    2. Back to normal weight post-partum before the end of 2014
    3. Blog more! I miss writing as much as I used to and having things to be inspired about. :)