Friday, December 30, 2011

1 month update!

WOW! I sure didn't mean for it to be one month but here I am, one month from the beginning of my contest preparation.  First off let's start with some pictures. On the left was taken at the end of October and on the right was December 24th.  I really can't believe I've shrunk down so fast!

I guess that's what happens when you stick to the plan and have a fantastic trainer!!  Starting in mid December I've been carb cycling which has changed the look of my body incredibly. It's a process that has made my body quite happy and has attributed to alot of the change I think.  The only trouble I've been having is with my knees. They're not taking to all of the work very kindly but adding some Glucosamine back in to the regimine should hopefully help them out.

We are now 11 weeks out from competition. My fantastic suit will be on it's way soon, stay tuned for a sneak peak of that!  I am definitely excited for the things to come in 2012!