Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Travelling Band

This weekend and next week I'm travelling which scares the heck out of me. I'm feeling almost frantic trying to get the details of menus and gyms all squared up before I go but so far I think I have everything under control. 

This weekend I am heading to another province, 6 hours away by car, to my company's Christmas party.  Crazy? Yes. Fun? Also yes. :) We leave Friday and come back on Sunday. Monday I leave for ANOTHER province, Quebec, for work related activities. This is the trip that scares me the most simply because I don't know what food I can bring on the plane.  I'm going to bring my protein powder of course because life does not exist without protein powder. lol  I'm thinking of bringing quick oats and using the coffee maker to make oatmeal which means then I NEED cinnamon.  Lack of cinnamon is also a life or death situation by the way. For the rest of it I guess we'll see. I've already asked for the name of the restaurant we're eating at on Tuesday night and I've looked at the menu. VERY good menu to navigate so I shouldn't have any issues there. I think I'll save my carbs for dinner so I can have a baked potato!

As for gym access I have everything planned out.  For this weekend there is a gym right across the parking lot from my hotel (the hotel gym, as usual, sucks) and they have day passes.  For Montreal they offer complimentary access to a wellness center across the highway because they know their onsite equipment isn't adequate. (2 treadmills and some handweights??)  I may or may not be able to get Tuesday's workout in however I have all day wednesday to catch up and I will just follow the schedule into the weekend.

While I know people are probably thinking I'm crazy for being slightly panicked about all of this but I know there are some of you who totally understand.  I NEED to be prepared, WELL in advance.  It makes me feel more at ease travelling since I'm slightly OCD when it comes to details. lol  However there's one detail being left out of next week's trip: Lunch. I have NO idea what our options are and there is no info.  As long as I can find a salad I'm good.  Hmmmm, maybe I should pack dressing and a can of tuna too.......

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