Monday, March 5, 2012

The Home Stretch

I am officially 12 days out from competition and sadly I'm ready to be done. I'm not sure where this frame of mind is coming from, it's not that I'm not excited for the competition I just think it's the Carb Zombie getting the best of me.  While I'm ready to step out on that stage and rock the sh!t out of it, I'm also ready to get back to my regular clean eating. Protein pancakes for breakfast, greek yogurt and berries for snack, portobello mushroom burgers for supper!! I'm starting to miss my regular clean eating but I know this has been worth the "sacrifice".

Ok, now that I've finished whining we can get back to business.  This week will be my first full week thus far without any carbs. Minus my peak week trial.  I am SO thankful that my trainer, Ainsley McSorely, was able to read my body well enough to know it needed some carbs this far out.  I haven't had to endure alot of carb free days like most other people.  That being said it doesn't make it any harder. Aunt Flow is starting to make herself known, of course it would be my luck that she would visit the week of my competition. Can we say string check before going out on stage? hahaha!!

Since I seem to have a bit of OCD I've started making lists of what needs to be accomplished at the end of this week/beginning of next week.  Friday is shopping day, to get all of the groceries I'm going to need. This includes the food/treats for during/after comp which means I'm going to have to hide them until competition day.  Next week I'll also spend some time putting together my outfits for the Inside Fitness photoshoot on March 16th. I am not only excited because the shoot is for Inside Fitness and Terry Frendo is going to be there but I get to hang out with my favourite photographers, Casey & Jojo from Pink Elephant Photography! I seriously love these guys. Like banana protein pancakes with chocolate chips, love them. :)  They are great at what they do, especially when working with new athletes. 

With Saturday being my last assessment/posing class and Sunday marking the first day of my peak week this week is important.  Despite the fact I'm sore and tired, I have to keep my focus.  It's very easy at this point to let my guard down and slip up. 

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