Thursday, March 8, 2012


Yesterday was probably the second most stressful day of my life. The first being when my dad had his stroke 2 years ago.  But this blog isn't about the details of the cause, this blog is what I decided to do with the stress.

The old Chantelle would have grabbed a bottle of wine on the way home. Scratch that, a box, because then it would be in the fridge where I could then make the excuse of "Well I can't let it go to waste" and have a glass ever day until it was gone.  After I grabbed the wine I would then head to the local restaurant for something, anything, that would satisfy the out of control feeling I had and make sure I picked up dessert for later. 

So yesterday, being 10 days out from my competition I asked myself, "What Would NEW Chantelle Do??"  New Chantelle has been busting her ass since November to step on stage in 9 days and rock the socks off of everyone.  New Chantelle doesn't get carbs until Saturday and sure as hell doesn't get wine until she has walked off that stage on the 17th. Actually new Chantelle gets wine on the 16th for her pre show carb up but that's besides the point.

Yes I know I'm talking about myself in third person.

Anyway, yesterday I decided to rise above my stress. Drink my protein shake as I was supposed to and eat my scheduled last meal like I was supposed to.  Was it as easy as that? No. I am an emotional eater but the difference now is that I KNOW I am. I recognize the triggers and I conciously decide what to do with my emotions.  The more I do this, the better I get at it, and the proof is in the protein pudding.  Will every situation be like this one? No. I won't always have a competition in 9 days to snap me back to reality but mentally I have to act like I do. 

So ask yourself today should stress present itself to rain on your parade, what would the new you do? 


  1. oh I hear ya friend. I am an emotional eater over the top and contest prep really reals that it for me and makes me realize that I depend on food for A LOT of emotions in life.
    The new Teri doesn't do those things you listed either... but it is a constant battle to be the person we have become isn't it?
    Sorry about your dad, I hope he is ok!

  2. Congratulations! I am so proud of you. Being an emotional eater is not an easy thing to control, but you are in control. You're awesome.