Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Do It Like A Dude

Ladies, I want you to take a look at your work out and tell me what it looks like.  For you competitive ladies, I know what it looks like but what about the rest of you?  Are you pushing yourself to top last week's weight or are you robotically lifting the same 10lb weights that you have been for the last 8 weeks?  Snap out of the fog and do something different! Have you ever thought of working out with your man? Not only will you be challenged to lift heavier you'll have someone to push you harder and spot you when you can't push anymore. Don't have a man? Than lift like a man on your own!

So many women STILL think that lifting heavy is going to cause them to spontaniously combust into a masculine looking version of themselves. Where have you been lately???? Nevermind lately, how about even the last 5 years??? With magazines such as Oxygen, and Muscle & Fitness Hers, there is straight up proof that lifting will get you nothing but that sculpted body your 5-10lb weights never will.  That being said I am in no way knocking the girls who are starting out using those 5-10lb dumbbells. But CHALLENGE yourself each week to beat the last weight you lifted.  Track it in a note book or on your iPhone or iPad which I now do. (and have made fun of in the past lol) You're going to be sore as heck the next day which means you're growing those lovely girly muscles and on your way to getting the bodies you have posted up on your motivational boards. 

Lift heavy, eat clean, grow girly muscles. In the words of my favorite Canadian comedian Russel Peters; "Take it and go!"

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