Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It's BBQ Season!!

For you competitors in the south I'm sure you get your BBQ on year round, but for us cold blooded Canuks you'd have to bribe us with a trip to Mexico just to get the BBQ shoveled out of the snow bank on the deck.  Unless you're hard core, and I know there are some of you out there, in which case BBQ on!

For me, though I could eat BBQ'd chicken all day long and NEVER get tired of it, it still isn't a driving force to break out the snow boots and BBQ in -40C.  Which is why I am currently SO excited about the bounty of BBQ gracing my tastebuds!  Chicken, steak, and my all time fave BBQ'd yams!!  We cook them just like a potato, in foil, but we cut them in to 1/4 pieces and wrap them in the foil that way it doesn't take until fall for them to cook. ;)

So if you're currently getting completely disgusted by your baked chicken break out ye old BBQ and get grillin! If you don't have one, stoke up the fire pit, grab an oven grate and have at it! Or if you're completely desperate, I've seen a shopping cart gets the job done too. ;)

Happy grilling!

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  1. Cool post.

    You ought to try the purple sweet potato.

    Tastes amazing AND is even MORE nutritious, if you can believe that, and really cool looking (purple, duh!).


    By the way. Hi! :o)