Thursday, May 17, 2012

Off Season ADD

As of right now I am exactly 2 months post competition.  I'm still up about 10lbs though my fluff level fluctuates depending on how much wine I've had the night before. lol  My brain is currently in summer mode and has NO desire to spend an hour or two in my basement busting out a workout. I seriously feel like I have ADD. Or for a better example I feel like I have the brain of my dog.  Or better YET the dog from the movie "Up". SQUIRREL! But instead it's saying "WINE!" or "BE LAZY!".  Bottom line, procrastination.  This is why I do NOT compete in the summer. In the winter it's cold, no one wants to be outside, there's no patios open in -20C, there's no lawn to mow, no sun to bask in.  On the down side who wants to be fluffy during bikini season??  So here lies my predicament. 

People are asking why I'm so hard on myself and it's because I want to do better this coming year competition wise.  I need a smaller waist which means I have to not gain so much damn fluff! If I can keep the gain to 10lbs it will be MUCH easier to squeeze out a 4 pack midsection. I managed a 2 pack and some obliques this year which means it's only going to get better.  I'm just trying to utilize my off season but so far I have managed to get some sporadic workouts in.  The good news is that I have control over this, only I can make it work. It's odd to say this but I have about 5 months until prep starts alllll over again. Crazy right?? 

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