Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Change Your Mind, Change Your World

I spent so long not realizing how simple it was to change the direction I was going in life. So freakin long!  Only after my first competition did it really click in my head that if I just changed my mind, broke my current pattern, I would be on a whole other path. 

Now my epiphany involved changing my lifestyle and getting healthy, that may not be the case with you.  But it seems to be the choice that makes THE BIGGEST difference in people's lives and the way they see it.  This morning I read the Facebook status of a friend who is now 1 year smoke free and 3 weeks ago he couldn't jog 2 laps around a track. Today he did 6 laps and I guarantee the moment he hit the 3rd and 4th lap, realizing he could still continue past that, was the moment he realized that by changing your mind you can change your world.

I did the same thing (again) this week.  Confession time!  I've been slacking, falling in to bad habits, letting life direct me instead of directing my life. We have had some changes in our household, I'm now a full time step mom to a 13 year old and we have just gotten ourselves another dog.  Crazy? Just about. Ha!  But just because the dynamics are changing it doesn't mean we have to sacrafice anything, it just means that we have to re-adjust our usual habits.  So this week I got back to eating my regular clean food, waking up in the morning for cardio, doing the things I was doing before everything changed. 

With the help of my awesome husband we are going to travel this new path with success. So much so that we are BOTH going to compete in March 2013.  It's going to be interesting, two people dieting in one household, but as long as I keep the Carb Zombie in check we will survive. lol


  1. Great post! That's so exciting that both of u are competing TOGETHER! Don't worry...Sam and I did it and there were just a few times where we were at each other's throats LOL

    You'll be fine!!! What are u competing in this time around my dear?

  2. Thanks chickie!! Doing bikini again and Jamie will be doing physique. I'm really excited! More for him than me I think though. haha

  3. I love that you are both going to compete. So much fun!! :) And isn't it interesting how everything can change and you don't have to?

    You're setting the course and going awesome places. :D