Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Double Trouble

Well I'm happy to report that I'm getting back in to the regular routine of training and eating things that are natural to the earth. lol  (wine should be included in that by the way!) I am the first to admit, I have no balance currently when it comes to off season and in season life.  These are the challenges I face everyday, trying to win against the Procrastinator. I have only just finished year two of training, that's two years out of thirty one that I've conquered. I think that's pretty damn good.

With that being said I am also happy to report that I am not venturing in to 2013 on my own! Nope! My wonderful hubby has decided he is joining me on the road to Carb Zombie-ism! Seriously though I cannot be more excited.  Not only will it make training easier but dieting as well because this year I won't be forced to pick up chocolate chips for my husband's protein pancakes. *ahem* Love you honey.

My hubby has chosen to train online with Mr. Joseph Donnelly, a person I've only just come to follow but I can honestly say this guy knows his stuff. He offers an extremely reasonable online rate and TONS of information.  Despite being across the interweb, Joe is extremely hands on with his clients.  As for me I am going to be joining Oxygen's glute girl, Ainsley McSorely, once again on Team JACT for my 2013 competitive season.  Official training should be resuming in November ish but in the meantime I'll be following along with the hubster to make the transition of a 2 athlete household easier. 

Note to self: Look in to raising chickens and turkeys. Meat protein is too damn expensive.

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