Tuesday, March 19, 2013

32 days

As I get closer to my competition on April 20th I find myself not focusing so much on the competition but what comes after.  The after is always what scares me the most because it's HARD. I will be the first to admit I have no idea what to do besides eat. Which is NOT what you're supposed to do after dieting hard for 5 months. lol  Jumping right back in to eating even normal clean foods can hurt just as much as jumping back in to eating junk.  This I've learned twice now.  Once again I have worked hard to build a body I'm proud of and once again I'm scared that my old habits are going to cause me to lose it. 

Now that the "whoa is me" part of the show is finished let's get to the happy part! lol I AM excited for the show. I'm excited to be able to do this with my husband as well.  I think with both of us having to deal with the post show rebound it's going to keep us both on track.  I am also excited to travel for a show. It's only 2 hours away but I haven't experienced a show away from my house. I've been able to tan myself in my own bathroom, leave an ass tan ring on my own toilet, dirty my own bed sheets.  Basically just get tanner everywhere and really not have to worry about a damage deposit. lol There are going to be MANY challenges this time around with the main one being, don't mess up the hotel room. lol  I also get to travel with my team, Team JACT which I think is going to be a great experience as well.

Anyway with 32 days to go it's time to focus on getting through the next 4 weeks and on to the rest of the year.  On to the rest of LIFE.  It's time to change my relationship with food and stop living life around it.  :)

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