Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pinholes, Perogies, and Countdowns

I'm at that point in my prep where I honestly have nothing to say. It seems to happen I've noticed as my concentration gets closer to pinhole tunnel vision.  I know I haven't blogged as much this time around as usual and maybe it's because I've been in the pinhole the entire time.  I akin it to something that the characters in The Vampire Diaries talk about from time to time. YES I am a teenage angst fan but that's beside the point.  The vampire characters in the show are able to "turn off" their humanity.  I've basically mastered the ability it seems to turn off my Carb Zombie-ism. ;)  And with being able to do that I've basically turned off my ability to view things as funny.  My ability to then write about the hilarity of week long constipation just isn't there. lol  I can however write about the hilarity of the now perogi-stapled-to-a-wall-like appearance of my breasts.  Breasts are fat and minus the fat, well, you get the picture.  HOWEVER this means I am on the right track and not being able to fill up my bra makes me oddly happy right now.

We are currently 44 day or just under 6 1/2 weeks away from the Fitness Star Brandon Manitoba competition.  Let the countdown begin!

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