Monday, May 13, 2013

16 Weeks

Do you know what kind of people diet over the summer?? CRAZY people! Or crazy smart people.  That's right, it looks like I'll be starting prep for the September Fitness Star show THIS Saturday!!  Oddly enough I am ridiculously excited. There are a number of firsts happening for this show that are going to blow everything out of the water.

1) I am currently 135lbs.  I have NEVER started a show prep at 135lbs.  This means I have 16 weeks to dial in to about 120-122lbs. Insert evil laugh here. ;)

2) As I mentioned above I am dieting through the summer.  Crazy? Maybe. Crazy smart? Definitely.  Who doesn't want a wicked beach body for summer? I feel mentally balanced enough to not worry about what I could be missing. I see summer like Christmas at this point, and I ALWAYS diet through Christmas.  I got this.

3) Ok so this one is and isn't a first but my hubby and I are training together AGAIN! That's right, not only are we doing 1 show together this year but TWO shows this year! We made a ridiculously good team and I am so excited to do it over again. 

I'll take progress pics on Saturday. I am pretty soft around the mid section but that's to be expected since I'm not doing any extra cardio to keep me really lean.  I'm happy right now with how I look and when I REALLY clean up my diet things will pop back in to place.  :)


  1. Is 135 a good or difficult starting point? I'm not sure if that was a good number for you or not. :)

    Yeah! Crazy crazy summer preppers. I'm 19 weeks from my show, so I'll be right there with ya! I'll miss summer beers, but enjoy tons of fresh organic veggies with prepping in the summer. :)

    YAY!! That's so exciting you & hubby will prep together! I always love following your journey!

  2. Great read!!! You can do it! I am entering the same competition this September as well!!
    Good luck to you!

  3. Tons of fun to start without too much to lose. Awesome!! Summer will be just fine because you've got this thing!