Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Busy Bee!

Things have been so busy in my life I've been neglecting my blogging! But a little time away from the electric box never hurt anyone. :)  I have a new addition to my family!!! Meet Kodi!

Kodi is a 4 month old Australian Shepherd/Poodle cross and though this picture doesn't show it well he's going to be a big boy. lol My husband and I have had some adjusting to do but we're splitting up the duties pretty good so that we can each get our workouts in still.  Soon enough Kodi won't have to be supervised but for now everything is a chew toy! lol  

I am still trying to cut some fat for my photoshoot on June 5th, not sure if it's going to work but a tan makes everything better right? lol

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