Friday, May 6, 2011

Walk The Line

There is a very thin line between building lovely lean girly muscles and getting fat while trying to build lovely lean girly muscles.  I am currently travelling right down the middle of this line like I hit a check stop and was asked to walk a line, or tight rope walking in the circus, you choose.  While I'm realizing the "science" behind building lean muscle was ALOT less confusing than I initially thought there's alot of room for mistakes.  To sum it up you take the food you're eating for contest prep, eat about 1 1/2 times more, add some more carbs and VOILA! You're on your way to lovely lean girly muscles. Ok, that was over simplified but who woulda thunk it?? (besides the obvious people) 

Last night I attended a work function that required me to dress up a little. I hadn't tried on any of my dress pants in MONTHS so I had no idea what would fit and what didn't.  The pants of choice were a great black pair, wide leg, and water resistant apparently (they should use dogs in testing by the way).  The only issue was that they were in fact a little snug. Not because of a fluffy waist, oh no, but because the amazing deadlifts I've been doing for the last 6 weeks have produced more muscle in the gluteus maximus region.  Lamen terms: Baby got too much back.  While I am loving the added size to my posterior I am NOT loving the "back gap" effect my pants now have.

Oh the whoas of a bodybuilder! ;)


  1. Hahahahaha! Yes! While the nice round arse looks great in a suit, we have bubble butts in pants. :) Glad I found myself a butt man. haha!

  2. These are woes that I will take! Good work. :)

  3. Baby got too much it!