Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Peppermint tea and belly buttons

I found peppermint tea early on in my contest prep.  Though I am a lover of most teas, including fennel seed, peppermint is my favourite among all of them.  The whole reason I began drinking peppermint tea started for digestion reasons. While trying to figure out ways to help my body deal with the strict contest dieting I was looking for natural ways to help it deal.  However the reason I keep drinking it, besides the fact it reminds me of Christmas trees and candycanes, is because it comforts me.  People have comfort foods (as do I) and I have comfort teas.  How do I drink it? Straight up, steeped for about 5 mins or whenever I remember to take out the bag. lol

Now I know you're wondering what belly buttons have to do with tea. They have nothing to do with tea normally but today these 2 subjects happen to be floating in my brain.  During the last 3 weeks of contest prep my belly button changed, it was no longer the baby finger nail deep "crevice" in my abdomen. lol  I found it highly odd that something that has stayed the same for my whole life was changing.  I seemed to think that belly buttons had a set depth, but apparently that's not the case when it comes to fat loss. lol Anyway, it is remaining forever changed which is something I will have to accept and love along with all of the other forever body changes that are happening.  Judging fat loss based on your belly button depth.....who knew? ;)


  1. I TOTALLY judge my fat loss on my belly button depth. hah!

  2. I need to try peppermint tea, I think that would help my issues too =)

  3. This is a Great Tea, I have got the test of it.
    Thanks for the Sharing the post.

  4. Awesome post about Peppermint tea. I love the tea so mush.