Friday, April 5, 2013

Yet Another 2 Week Countdown

I'm pretty sure I post this video EVERY time I'm 2 weeks away from something. My birthday, a competition, a vacation, it works for everything.  This is not only my 2 week go to "celebration" this is also me acknowledging that the original Total Recall was EPIC and extremely well done for it's time. Screw you CGI, you ain't got nothing on the 80's.

So, here we are again! 2 weeks out from competition. The point where you're either a) Extremely excited or b) Extremely annoyed that you decided to do ANOTHER competition. I switch between A and B constantly.  Hubby and I still have alot of prep work we have to do outside of training. Shopping for category outfits, getting our tanning stuff in order, I have girly makeup stuff to purchase.  You know, all the things you leave until the last possible minute. lol  I'll probably start packing things up next week so I know I won't forget anything. It's not like we're a 20 minute drive from home this time, we're 2 hours away from home this time.  If you don't bring it, you better figure out where to get it. ;)

Training otherwise is going well besides the constant hunger. I'm trying to remember to reach for water during those times and not stand in front of the fridge, staring at the peanut butter jar. WHICH I have since hidden behind stuff in the fridge.  Now all I can stare at is tilapia, steak, chicken, and asparagus.  Oh and occasionally eggwhites.  Man I miss those.  I don't know what my peak week looks like yet but I'm assuming the master mind that is Ainsley McSorely is scheming as we speak. lol  Just putting this out there if you're reading this Ains: tilapia instead of tuna? hahaha!

Well here's to another countdown.  I will probably wait until peak week to blog again since it's ALWAYS interesting what the body does when you're downing 8 litres of water a day for 2-3 days. :)

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