Monday, April 1, 2013

Doctor's Orders

In January of this year I started the process of finally getting my bloodwork and body checked by my doctor. Unfortunately it wasn't because I'm the type of person who regularly gets that done, no, it was because of depression, low libido, 2 to 3 week long periods and excruciating cramps. (though the cramping I've always had)  I finally got in to the doctor's office today to follow up with him on my tests, a phone call I had to make myself by the way. According to the receptionist "No news is good news" if they don't call you back.


My doctor basically confirmed during our meeting what my husband and I were thinking all along; my fast tracked weight gain coupled by the huge stresses we were facing last year (a year ago pretty much to the date) caused my body to get supremely pissed off and pout in a corner like a toddler.  This time last year I was 2 weeks post competition, stressed to the max with life stuff, and feeding my emotions with ridiculous amounts of food and wine.  I had so much water retention that my breasts almost exploded.  I swear to the Gods. It was painful.  These habits continued and I continued to spiral and my body spiralled along with me. 

Today however was good news.  My hormone and iron levels are perfectly fine, my ovaries show no signs of polycystic ovary syndrome, and since getting back to a healthy lifestyle my mentral cycle is less crazy. As am I. :)  My doctor has urged me to continue on the path I'm on which, after too much trial and error, is currently the plan. Operation: Balance will be in full effect post competition in 3 weeks. 

If you're reading this post, and are feeling like I was feeling (tired, depressed, unbalanced, emotionally eating, wonky menstral cycles, cranky, bitchy, basically the 7 dwarves of a crappy lifestyle), take your life by the vagina (thank you Betty White), and do something about it!!! It's going to be HARD, you're probably going to cry a few times, you're going to fight cravings as you decrease the JUNK in your life. You're going to be too damn tired to be active but I GUARANTEE you once you start, the change will make you want to keep going because you're going to know I wasn't lying.  If you don't know WHERE to start, ASK! I know professionals who can help you get started in the right direction. :)

Take my doctor's orders, get healthy, stay healthy, be happy. Find BALANCE.

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