Monday, April 15, 2013

Peaka de Weeka

Well I have arrived.  5 days out from my competition, 2 days in to my peak week, and surprisingly yesterday's 8 litres were reasonably easy to get in.  (about 2 gallons for my US friends).  The only thing I hate is I become extremely tired during peak week. I really don't think I should be making my 25 minute treck to work, ESPECIALLY when there is a blizzard outside today, but I don't want to take too much time off work.  However if I deem myself too ridiculous I will take an extra day for the safety of others around me. lol

Yesterday was my last posing class before the show.  While I have my bikini poses down I haven't been practicing walking in my dress for the Glamour category.  How does one pose with clothes ON?? ;)  Seriously, I focused so much on our half naked poses I forgot about the clothed poses. Anyway, google and youtube are my best friends this week and my basement is now a runway. Which is really no different then usual because I'm CONSTANTLY posing. I'm a proud poser. :D

Since this show is 2 hours away from us I am taking half of Thursday off so that I can get my long winded workout in and start our food prep for Friday and Saturday that way hubby and I aren't running too far in to the evening. This will give us time to start applying our tanner etc as well and have some relax time before we leave Friday.  All in all I think hubby and I are reasonably prepared for the fact we're going to be away from home for this show.  We have such a great system down for our workouts and food prep, I don't think it will be a problem post show to continue with.

So, here we go! I can't wait for the team meeting on Friday to see everyone and converse! Oh and the 10oz of red wine I get Friday night. Weeeee! ;)

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