Friday, April 15, 2011

Floating Away

Oh goodness I have not been very careful this week. My sweet tooth has gotten a hold of me and we have been on some adventures. I also haven't been drinking enough water which doesn't work well when taking creatine I'm realizing.  Needless to say I'm feeling very balloon-like today which I'm hoping will subside when I get back to doing cardio (another thing I've neglected).  When I weighed myself this morning I am 131lbs which is exactly 10lbs up from my competition weight. I'd like to not go higher than 135 so I have to make sure I'm doing cardio about 3x a week. 

This post competition thing is a touchy process. I don't want to make it super hard on myself come pre-comp to try to lose a ton of fat again.  While most of my weight right now is water retention I still haven't gotten past the number on the scale.  I've been procrastinating taking measurements because I know I don't want to know my waist size. lol  I do have faith however that I will find that perfect balance.

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  1. I'm glad I'm not alone but you seem to be taking it much better than me =) I'm up about 10lbs too and I didn't want to go over 5lbs up, just because I like my body at that weight. So I'm really mad at myself and frustrated but like you said, I'll find the balance too. Might just take a little longer than I wanted it to.