Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Miracle Grow

I don't think I had any idea what could actually happen in 3 1/2 weeks when a person has a great muscle base to start with along with the right fuel and supplements.  The gains I've made aren't significantly huge but I'm well on my way to completely transforming my body.  While I'm not obsessing too much about next year's competition I do keep the thought in the back of my head that I may not get big enough for Figure. Then again based on what I've been doing so far there's a pretty good chance I will.  However after seeing that the girls who compete in bikini put in alot more work than most people think, I don't have as much of a problem entering the catagory. Do I think the posing can go a little too far? Absolutely, but if I want to take home a trophy next year I have to be realistic as to what catagory I fit in to.

On a different note I have been doing some self research as to the cause behind my constant bloating especially after eating and it seems I could have a complex carbohydrate intolerance and/or high candida levels in my intestinal tract which has depleted my digestive enzymes. Instead of self medicating I'm actually going to get tested so I can treat it properly. How lovely it would be to not have this constant bloated feeling!!!  I'll be sure to keep everyone posted. :)


  1. Well just think, you have a year to figure out what your body can do. If you can put on some great muscle tone (which you might be able too, a year is a long time!) then do figure. You'd rock in bikini too. And you're right, we work out crazy hard too!

    I hope you can get the bloating figured out. I'm proud of you for making the decision to get it tested!

  2. Great work on making those gains, Chantelle. Having a goal out there is so powerful!