Monday, April 11, 2011

Those who cannot do, volunteer!

The Manitoba Amateur Bodybuilding Association Provincial Championships are coming up in June and since I didn't make the top 5 I had plans to buy tickets so I could cheer my peeps on.  However now I'm thinking I'm going to miss the excitement of backstage too much.  I am at this point seriously considering volunteering for the show!  Most of the volunteers for the Novice show are Provincial competitors so there's going to be tons of openings and it would even better if my hubby would do it with me so he could see what goes on behind the scenes since he's competing next year.  I am fully aware of the looooooong day but think I reaaaaallly want to do it.  I'll keep everyone posted! :)


  1. Do it, and you can still cheer on your peeps =)

  2. Volunteering is the best! You get to see everyone up close, get to help out, and meet AMAZING peeps. Do it! :)