Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day 1 of prep - 138 days out!

After indulging in some Halloween candy last night I am ready to get down to business! I am officially 138 days out from my competition with no room for error.  This morning began at 5am after my new alarm clock went on when it was supposed to. I swear my other one had gremlins or something.  Seriously, little tiny gremlins messing around with the settings. Anyway, this morning started with fasted cardio but not the kind you're thinking. Nope! Like I mentioned before, new trainer, new way to do things! THIS morning started with jump squat intervals!!  1 minute of jump squats followed by 2 mins of rest, repeat 5 more times and you're done!  Now don't underestimate the difficulty of this exercise. The first time around after a 5 min warm up I got 7 squats in to the set and my legs were burning. After the 4th set things were getting better but this is definitely not easy.  This evening if a full body circut followed by 10 mins of interval cardio.  LOVE this prep already. Will I be saying this 30 days from now? Who knows.