Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It's Getting Hot In The Kitchen!

Yesterday I sparked a heated discussion that stemmed from a story I shared which came from my boss and really good friend who is in Mexico currently on holiday. (so jealous)  Like me he enjoys going to the gym on vacation since it's a part of his every day routine and just because he's on holiday, doesn't mean he's not going to continue on with his routine. Anyway, while in the gym this very large man and his large wife poked their heads in to the gym (the reason is still unclear) took a look around and the man proceeded to say "Look at all these people waisting their vacation!  I wonder why they would spend all this money to be in the gym?!" Without skipping a beat my boss says a young girl piped up and said "So we don't look like you, you fat pig. Now get out so we can do our work!"

Obviously her response is on the rude side, I know this, however it should be expected that someone would get offended from him saying what he did.  After sharing the story I confessed that I wanted to high five the chick because you never hear about what we as fit people have to go through while living our lifestyle. My exact words were "you always hear about the ridicule over weight people receive but you never hear about the ridicule we receive".  My question is now, was I right in saying that? I don't need to be right but is it a fact that we as healthy eaters, 5am workouters, "No I can go for dinner"refusers, receive a decent amount of "flack" for the way we live our life?? I for one think so.  Should it be compared to the unfortunate bullying that over weight people receive, I'm not sure but this is what I'm attempting to do I suppose. 

I would LOVE to hear from those of you who have been on both ends of the spectrum since I haven't.  Those who have been an over weight person, lost the weight, and are now living the fit lifestyle. Do you receive as much ridicule, and bullying now as you did when you were overweight? Let me know! :) 


  1. You ARE right, Chantelle! I remember as an overweight person feeling like I was being belittled... however, I think my perception was much more sensitive than what was actually happening. I was insecure about my weight, therefore I felt like I was always getting ridiculed....? You know? When in actuality, NO ONE said a thing about my weight.
    HOWWEVER, I get ridiculed SO MUCH and blatantly! People have NO PROBLEM coming out and telling a healthy person they don't dig that lifestyle. I recently even got talked to by my boss during my annual review about being too extreme.
    One time, an overweight woman commented that I'd have high cholesterol when I was purchasing 5 dozen eggs. Pff, she should talk!
    I get comments about the number of eggs I eat on a weekly basis. Don't even get me started about when I pull out my tilapia and green beans!
    This time around, I am not sensitive about my weight, and my perception is not skewed in any way.

  2. Lacey this is EXACTLY what I'm talking about!! Do you think your boss would have said anything to you if you were over weight? No. So why do people think it hurts any less to say the things they do about healthy eating? You eat those eggs girl! :)

  3. I agree Chantelle, I did not feel like I wanted to high-five that girl, what she said was rude. But I agree that I experienced ridicule for my life style too and I've only been doing it for 7 weeks. Already I get lots of people telling me muscles on girls are "gross", people bugging me about not wanting to go dinner, or not having a piece of cake for someone's birthday, etc. None of it bothers me except for when people say to my face that girls with muscles are gross, cause I think it's pretty obvious I don't agree and am trying to be a girl with muscle. They have no right to make fun of what I see as beautiful. It goes both ways and anyone who thinks only fat people get ridiculed are being naive. I just think over-weight people tend to be more sensitive so their point of view is talked about more.

  4. I wanted to high five her only because I know everyone would have been thinking it in some context. It's rude, I know, but it's the truth. I think us "gross" girls can put on a good front when it comes to being bugged and pestered etc but it does wear on us. Being a woman in a society pushing you to be skinny is bad enough but being a woman who wants to defy the norm by being toned and muscular can be worse! I appreciate you joining this topic girl. :)

  5. I used to get told I was fat by my grandma. She should come up to me, put her arm around me, grab a handful of muffin top and tell me I was getting chubby. Then she told me to butter everything and eat more dessert....after all that's how she eats and she's skinny. SIGH. I'm pretty sure everyone gets harassed for everything in life. hah! I am learning the fine skill of tuning a deaf ear to it...although I did kind of want to five five that girl too. lol.

  6. I have been told that men don't find women with muscles attractive - my response was, "I have a man and he can't keep his hands off my muscles". I have been told that I'm obsessive, selfish, and other such words because of my workout schedule & diet.

    If it's not what people define as "normal", they want to open their mouths and give their opinion about it. I always want to look at them and say "Thanks for your opinion but really, you're just running at the mouth like diarrhea" :)