Friday, November 25, 2011

If I Had An Infomercial.......

With so many gimmicks and surgeries to help or pretend to help aid in weight and fat loss I finally cracked after reading about an aquaintance doing a shake diet. Seriously? You're excited your overly sugared shake tastes like rootbeer? Well probably but is this really a permanent fix? Me thinks not.  So after thinking for a moment I decided that if I had an infomercial it would go something like this:

We have finally found THE perfect fat loss program!!!! It's a 2 step process that will guarantee you the body you have always wanted. Step number 1 is called THE GYM where you lift weights, heavy ones, and get cardiovascular exercise. Step 2 is called THE KITCHEN where you cook clean food all by yourself. Join THE GYM and THE KITCHEN today and we'll give you MUSCLE as a free gift! Thousands of people have transformed their lives with this program and you can too!

Seriously people. Pick up a weight! What do you have to lose except....fat!

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